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Best Drum Mic Sets Sennheiser Shure Beyerdynamic tbone Behringer

Seven great drum mic sets by Sennheiser, Shure, Audix, Beyerdynamic, tbone and Behringer  ·  Source: Pixabay


Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to micing up a drumkit? Whether you’re mixing up a kit live or looking for that first set of studio mics, an all-in-one drum mic kit is a great solution. Here’s our pick of the best mic kits currently available, at every price point!


Why do you need a Drum Mic Kit?

Let’s imagine a few scenarios: You are a live sound engineer looking for a kit of microphones. Or maybe you’re a drummer and want to ensure your drums sound their best. On the other hand, perhaps you have a home studio and are looking to mic drums up for the first time.

If you found yourself nodding at any of the above, then an all-in-one drum-mic kit is probably the right purchase for you.

What Makes a good drum mic kit?

A good drum mic kit comprises a selection of microphones tailored to the various percussion instruments that make up a drum kit. It’s absolutely true that there’s no such thing as a “drum microphone”; equally, manufacturers have pre-selected a range of microphones that are proven to work well in that application.

As an example, a good “kick drum microphone” will offer an excellent low-frequency response. Likewise, you’ll find that “cymbal microphones” exhibit a good transient response as well as an extended high-frequency range. Furthermore, if you look at the frequency response of many percussion mics, you’ll find a somewhat tailored frequency response curve. Typically you’ll find EQ points boosted in the microphones to emphasise stick/beater attack, along with other percussion friendly audio enhancements.

Great Value

An all in one drum mic kit, as a rule, offers you great value, for a number of reasons. You’ll often find a decent saving over buying the mics individually, and additionally receive very useful accessories. All the drum mic kits we’re featuring here include dedicated drum clamps. Buying these separately soon adds up, and you’ll love the convenience of simply clipping on your favourite drum mics!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at a range of great value kits at price points for every wallet:


Sennheiser e600 drum mic kit

Let’s dive straight into this list by starting off with one of the safest choices around. The Sennheiser e600 drum mic kit is a professional quality kit that is as equally at home in small clubs as it is on stadium stages. Each microphone has an EQ response which will give you a good “head start” on a decent drum sound, and won’t overpower the natural timbre of a drum either. This makes the e600 kit a great all-rounder choice for all genres and playing styles.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x e602-II kick drum mic
  • 4 x e604 snare/tom mics
  • 2 x e614 condenser “cymbal” microphones
  • 4x rim clips
  • 2 x mic clips

Audix DP7

If the e600 kit represents a good all-rounder, then the Audix DP7 kit offers more of a “distinct flavour” of its own. From my experience, Audix’s drum mics have a very obvious, in your face attitude to them. They don’t do “subtle”. If you’re mixing metal, dance, or processed pop, then that can really work to your advantage. The famous Audix D6 kick drum mic, for example, has a bit of a “Marmite” quality amongst engineers!

Nonetheless, the DP7 is a superb quality mic kit and if the “Audix Sound” works for you, then you might find yourself never using another set of mics!

Kit Contents

  • 1x D6 (bass drum)
  • 1x D4 (bass drum/floor tom)
  • 2x D2 (toms)
  • 1x i-5 (snare)
  • 2x ADX51 (overheads/hi-hat)
  • 4x D-Vice (gooseneck rim clamp)

Shure DMK57-52

The Shure DMK57-52 kit is notable for being made up completely of microphones which made our list of 8 Essential Microphones for Studio and Stage. You get the Beta 52A kick drum microphone, which sounds big and meaty on just about any kick drum. You also get three of the workhorse SM57 dynamic mics for snare/tom use. The downside with this kit is there are only enough mics for a four-piece kit. You also don’t get any cymbal mics.

For some, however, the reputation of these mics for insane durability and adaptable tonality will be enough to forgive the modest mic selection at this price point.

Kit Contents

  • 3x Shure SM57 (cardioid)
  • 1x Bassdrum Microphone Shure Beta 52A (Super cardioid)
  • 3x Rim Mount Shure A56D

Beyerdynamic TG Drum Set PRO M MKII

The Beyerdynamic TG Drum Set is perhaps a notable curveball in this lineup; even so, it’s one you should seriously consider. Of all the kits here, it’s the only set that offers a boundary type microphone for the kick drum. When used on kick drums, boundary mics typically offer amazing transient response and phenomenal beater attack. They can, however, be tricky to tune in for a traditional round, warm kick sound. So bear that in mind.

Additionally, you get four dynamic snare/tom mics with some of the cleverest mic clamps in this lineup. There’s also a pair of high-quality condenser mics for your cymbals. An unusual kit, but one worth checking out.

Kit Contents

  • 1 TG D71 Bass drum boundary microphone
  • 4 TG D35d microphones for tom toms/snare
  • 2 TG I53c condenser microphones for overhead
  • Incl. microphone clamps and soft bag with space for additional microphones and accessories

Behringer BC1500

Frustrated that the mic kits so far cost as much as a drumkit themselves? Don’t worry, we have some great affordable options too! Leading up the budget category is the Behringer BC1500 drum mic kit. An entire drum mic kit for the price of a single drum clamp? Well, yes. Although, bear in mind that the results aren’t going to be the same as a premium mic kit.

But if you’re on a tight budget, or maybe want to experiment first before dropping beaucoup cash on a premium set, this a great place to start!

Kit Contents

  • 1 x C112 Kick Drum mic
  • 4 x TM1500 tom/snare mics
  • 2 x CM1500 cymbal mics
  • Mic clips, clamps and windscreens

t.bone dc1200

Here’s another mic kit you won’t believe the price of! Like the BC1500, the t.bone DC 1200 offers massive beginner bang-for-buck. You’ll struggle to find more of a mic-kit for this kind of money! According to Thomann’s user reviews, this kit has received a superb 4.2/5 rating from satisfied customers. A great place to start your drum mic journey? The user reviews seem to suggest so!

Kit Contents

  • 1x dynamic bass drum microphone DM1 (cardioid 20Hz-15kHz)
  • 4x dynamic snare / tom microphones DM 2 (cardioid 70Hz-13kHz)
  • 2x condenser overhead / hi-hat microphones DM3 (cardioid, 9-52 V phantom power, 40 Hz-17 kHz)
  • Incl. 5x drum microphone mounts, 2x windscreens, full set in case

Shure PGA Drumkit 6

On a budget but want the heritage and design that comes from an established brand? Then the Shure PGA Drumkit 6 could be the kit for you. Shure’s PGA series sits below the regular SM range as an entry point into “proper” Shure microphones. Having used Shure PG mics in the past, I found them very workable and usable. You’ll also be able to tell your clients, proudly, that you have a Shure drum mic kit.

The PGA Drumkit 6 includes a very comprehensive selection of mics, all modelled after the qualities of their upmarket SM and Beta equivalents. Mic clips are included, as are six XLR mic cables; a particularly nice bonus touch!

Kit Contents

  • 1x PGA52 Bass drum microphone
  • 2x PGA56 Snare/tom microphones
  • 1x PGA57 Snare microphone
  • 2x PGA81 Overhead microphones
  • Incl. 2x Tom holders and 6x XLR cables and case

Which Kit is Right For You?

So which drum mic kit is the right one for you? Well, that of course depends on three key factors: You (or your client’s) budget, the size of the kit you’re going to be micing up, and the tonality and sound you’re going for. Every one of these mic kits will sound distinctly different; kick drum mics, in particular, tend to be a very personal choice, and may swing your decision towards a particular kit.

If you’re in any doubt as to which kit is right for you, give our affiliate partners at Thomann a call. They’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right mic kit for your requirements!

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Best Drum Mic Sets Sennheiser Shure Beyerdynamic tbone Behringer

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