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Shure’s DuraPlex subminiature microphone could be just the thing if you need a microphone for harsh environments. Designed to withstand water, dust and dirt, it could be the ideal choice for location recording and theatre work.


Shure DuraPlex

When you first think of Shure, chances are you think of the stalwart mics like the SM57, SM58, Beta 52 and other instrument mics. All the same, Shure’s microphone range is vast and covers many applications. Shure’s latest mic range, the DuraPlex, is a specialist range of lavalier and headset microphones.

Shure classes the DuraPlex range as subminiature microphones, in other words, the microphone is only 5mm in size. Undoubtedly, microphones such as this are of key use in broadcast, TV, and theatre applications. Without a doubt, if you’re looking for a microphone which can visually “disappear”, a subminiature mic like the DuraPlex is a great choice.

You’ll find an omnidirectional pickup pattern offered by the miniature mic capsule; again broadcast TV and low stage volume theatre being the target environments. The microphone range is available in four different colours, including flesh-tones, to aid in visually “disguising” the microphone itself.

Waterproof and Dustproof?

We all know the legendary toughness and durability of Shure’s famous mics like the SM57; without a doubt the DuraPlex follows in those footsteps. The DuraPlex range is IP57 rated against dirt, dust and even submerged water ingress up to 1M depth. Undoubtedly, we can see these mics being a “go-to” solution for hostile environments. Reporters in the rain, stage shows involving water and aerosols and anything else that would kill a regular lavalier mic.

The DuraPlex mic range is terminated with a choice of LEMO or TA4F connectors enabling you to use your favourite wireless transmitter pack. Shure also wires the microphone using their proprietary Shure Plex cable. The cable includes a dual redundant ground a secondary shield and for durability. Shure also says the cable is immune to memory effect and kinks and can be painted with theatre paints, pens and polishes.

Another winner from Shure?


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