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The specs of DPA's new mic series look impressive.  ·  Source: DPA


The new DPA 4466 and 4488 couple a 5mm capsule with new headset design and IP58 protection. Will these new mics uphold the DPA tradition? 


DPA 4466 & 4488

DPA Microphones has something of a unique problem when it comes to brand recognition. With most live mics you’ll instantly know the make and model just by looking at the mic. Conversely, DPA’s microphones are so tiny and discrete, you’d likely not see them in use unless you looked very closely.

For that reason, DPA’s miniature microphones have become something of an industry standard in broadcast and theatre. Anywhere you’re looking for premium audio quality without being able to readily see the microphone, DPA’s miniature microphones are a great choice.

I was, therefore, quite interested to see that DPA has launched two new headset mics, the DPA 4466 & 4488. Offering omnidirectional and cardioid patterns respectively, these new headset mics offer some welcome innovations.

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Smaller, More Durable, More Comfortable

DPA says that it created the new 4466 and 4488 as a consequence of requests from current users. Take a look at the specs and you’ll undoubtedly find them impressive. Both headset mics use a capsule that’s only 5mm in size, EMI resistant and  IP58 resistant to dust ingress and water immersion.

In other words, you can deploy these mics in hostile stage and location environments, knowing they’ll carry on working. After all, there’s a DPA microphone currently on Mars, so the chances are it can handle a West End stage!

You’ll also note a very elegant headband design that allows you to adjust the fitment perfectly to the wearer. The frame size, boom length, and mic placement can be discretely adjusted. DPA also claim a “three-point grip” system above, below, and behind the ear for secure and comfortable wearing. Undoubtedly, something that will add confidence to those using a mic in energetic productions.

The DPA 4466 and 4488 headset mics can be ordered in a range of colours and with various connector options to suit a range of wireless transmitters. I’ve no doubt these will be gracing stages and broadcast studios soon.



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