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Flare Isolate Mini Campaign

Flare Isolate Mini Campaign  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot

Flare Isolate Mini - Denim Blue

Flare Isolate Mini - Denim Blue  ·  Source: Flare Audio

Flare Isolate Mini - Silver Pink

Flare Isolate Mini - Silver Pink  ·  Source: Flare Audio

Flare Islolate Mini ear bud hearing protection

Flare Islolate Mini ear bud hearing protection  ·  Source: Flare Audio/YouTube screenshot


Earlier this year we saw Flare run a Kickstarter campaign for their new form of ear protection. This was a hugely popular campaign, reaching an impressive 462k GBP! This smashed their target of 25k GBP several times over. Their previous campaign totalled 170k GBP, so Flare have proven that online campaigns can work. With their third, they are looking for your investment in a new, smaller version of their ear protectors – Introducing the ISOLATE MiNi.


Flare Audio ISOLATE MiNi Ear Protection

After the previous campaign you might remember I ended up with a pair of the ISOLATES (see an earlier post here). I was very impressed then, and now I’ve had chance to use them in anger when working at some pretty loud concerts. There are two elements about the result that have surprised me. Firstly, the sheer amount that they attenuate is impressive. Once you get them seated in your ears correctly, it’s as if someone turned the PA off. If you want to know what the inside of your body sounds like, then just wear a pair of these in a quiet room!

Secondly, the frequency response isn’t as you’d expect. Other pro earplugs use special filters to retain the higher frequencies. These don’t have any filters, but presumably because they lower all frequencies, including the bass frequencies, you’re left with a good balance.

The success of the ISOLATE design is all governed by how well they form a tight seal in your ears. Whilst there are already three different sizes of foam tips available, some people with very narrow ear canals should find this new MiNi version more comfortable. Alternatively, if you’re someone who is thinking about wearing these ‘defenders’ for long periods of time, such as when flying or sleeping, then the MiNi’s are supposed to be more comfortable.

The table below shows the new sizes and compares them with the existing ISOLATEs. It’s so important we take care of our ears, especially working in this industry. We wish Flare all the success with their continued efforts.

Flare Audio ISOLATE Sizes

More Information

Head over to the Indiegogo campaign page for the ISOLATE MiNi’s to see what deals they’re offering. Prices range from 25 GBP for the entry-level aluminium MiNi’s, up to 70 GBP for a special mirrored pair of the MiNi Pro’s.


Here is Flare’s ISOLATE campaign video, hosted on their YouTube channel. The video features their CEO, Davies Roberts, who explains the invention of these ear protectors and why he believes they’re unique.


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Flare Islolate Mini ear bud hearing protection

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