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Flare Audio Isolate In-Ear Headphones

Flare Audio Isolate In-Ear Headphones  ·  Source:

Flare Audio Isolate In-Ear Headphones

Flare Audio Isolate  ·  Source:

By Simon Allen

I was recently invited to visit the Flare HQ down in Brighton, where I was lucky enough to try out their latest products and uncover some exclusive information for Initially, the purpose of my visit was to find out more about the new ‘Isolate’ ear plugs that we reported on here: Flare Audio Isolate. You may remember from that article I was raving about the Flare R2 in-ear headphones. Well, whilst I was there I discovered a new model, the Flares PRO HD, and managed to hear them!

Flare Audio Isolate Ear Plugs – Kickstarter

At the time of writing this, the Kickstarter campaign which we featured last month has only 3 days left. Flare have already smashed their goal of 25K, with the current amount pledged standing just shy of 300K! Their previous Kickstarter campaign was also a huge success, totalling 170K. I wonder if they’ll manage to double their own record. The pictures above show a pair of Isolate Pro’s (titanium) that I was given to test for myself. I used them at Flare HQ in their new demo room, and last weekend at a festival where I ran sound for one act. It’s safe to say I was exposed to some very high noise levels. The concept for ‘bone-conduction’ hearing after these ear-plugs remove broadband noise from entering your ears is a surprise. Low frequencies really are tamed. After seating them correctly in your ears, the audible picture is so clear, I felt I could even engineer with them in.

Flares, Flares HD and Flares PRO HD – In-ear headphones

As I’ve mentioned, I am a huge fan of Flare’s R2 in-ear headphones. The R2’s have directly influenced the design of Isolate, which didn’t come as much of a surprise to me except how effective the Isolate Pro’s really are. However, there’s more to come. I’m not allowed to say much at this stage, but the new model is outstanding. There will be three models called Flares, Flares HD and Flares PRO HD. The prototype Flares PRO HD that I heard was nothing short of special. I also understand the price is going to be somewhat of a surprise, in the customer’s favour. If you’re in London and also want to catch a sneak preview of these in-ears, then pop down to CanJam this weekend.

More Information

If you’re after some ear plugs or simply want to take care of your ears, head over to the Kickstarter campaign and check out the ‘Isolate’ model. If you like what you see, you’ll have to be quick to pledge, as the Kickstarter is about to time-out. For more information regarding the new Flares HD you will have to watch this space for now. Keep an eye on of course, and Flare Audio’s website for further updates.

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