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If you’ve been thinking about getting into podcasting, then the new CAD Podcast microphones might be of interest! You’ll find both condenser and dynamic designs on offer and a price-point that had us checking the press release twice!


CAD Podcast Microphones

You can’t have failed to notice the explosion in gear releases aimed at people podcasting or streaming. We’ve covered some great products recently and even compiled a list of 6 Great Podcasting Mics For any Budget. Now – perhaps predictably – CAD has joined the fold with a new range of affordable mics aimed at podcasting.

CAD is a brand that’s been around for some time in the music tech world. If you dig back far enough you can find the company’s roots way back in the 1930s! Indeed, this year marks CAD’s 90th anniversary which I must admit came as a surprise when I was researching the CAD brand.

CAD has just released a swathe of affordable mics but in my opinion, the most interesting are those focussed on the podcasting market. Interestingly, you’ll find both condenser and dynamic CAD Podcast Microphones as part of the new lineup. Let’s take a closer look.

Condenser Podcast Microphones

Firstly, we’ll look at the CAD U29 USB Studio Microphone Kit which comes with a windshield and tripod stand. It’s an unremarkable, side-address USB-mic in every way, except for the price – £32.99!

The CAD U49 USB Studio Microphone Kit is a little more interesting, as it offers you headphone monitoring and “echo signal processing”. I’m assuming the latter is a karaoke-tastic style echo effect but again, at just £44.99 what’s not to love at this price point?

Dynamic Podmaster Microphone Kits

We’re again going to focus on the USB models on offer, and CAD offers two dynamic designs as a podcast “kit”. You get a boom arm, mic clip cable and windscreen with all Podmaster kits. It’s worth mentioning that both dynamic mics are “end address” mics too, which may sway your decision?

£79.99 will buy you the D-USB; you’ll get a cardioid dynamic capsule and a built-in echo effect and headphone monitoring. The Super D-USB is more expensive at £119 and dispenses with the echo effect. However, this microphone has a different, hyper-cardioid capsule, that I suspect is a better quality capsule.


Without getting “hands-on” with any of these mics I can’t give a subjective opinion on sound or build quality. However, my gut feeling is that the Super D-USB is probably the pick of the bunch. Dynamic mics tend to offer better quality at this price point, and the lack of any additional gimmicks further points to this being the one to go for.

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