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Audio Technica AT 2040

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Manufacturer Audio Technica added a new, inexpensive podcasting/broadcasting mic – the AT 2040 – to its renowned AT microphone line-up. Sold for USD 99, the AT 2040 is a dynamic cardioid microphone which looks the part in any podcasting or conference setup.


Audio Technica AT 2040 podcast microphone

Interestingly, the AT 2040 has an integrated shock mount to tame noise, shock and vibration from the mic stand, boom or mount without reaching for an external solution. Likewise, the multi-stage foam mesh windscreen takes care of pop filtering. The mic has a super-tight hypercardioid pattern to pick up the speaker’s voice with minimal to none room ambience. Frequency response is rated at 80Hz to 16kHz and the mic weights 615 grams (21.7oz).

By the looks of it, AT has come up with a competent, workhorse-type dynamic mic which is the best kind of broadcast/podcast mic there is. Condensers are affordable (and self-contained, if USB), but are sibilant and sensitive. They belong in an acoustically treated and isolated space, but not in a bedroom studio or ad-hoc setup. Audio Technica is unsurprisingly vocal about the AT 2040’s strengths – the mic minimizes room ambience, sounds expectedly warm, is built like a tank, and it doesn’t need phantom power, the company says. It does need a good, quiet preamp though; dynamic mics need a bit more gain and poor preamps get noisy when pushed. Hopefully you already have this sorted.

While USD 99 is not a lot to spend on a mic like this, costs for computer, audio interface, recording software and monitoring may start to creep up. If you are new to this, make sure to research gear, ask friends, or get in touch with salespeople.

AT 2040 – Price and availability

USD 99. Check your preferred Audio Technica dealer.

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