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Sampleson Sub

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Sampleson has been pumping out the products recently using their spectral modelling to build sounds and synthesis from component sine waves. The latest is a groovy looking drum machine called SUB that features 18 analog drum sounds and a sub-bass. And it’s yours for free, all they ask is that you share it on your preferred social media stream.



It looks great and sounds great and is completely free so there’s not a lot else to say really. We can assume it’s based on the classic TR-808 Roland drum machine but with all the sounds laid out for instant access. There are pan and level controls over each sound and pitch control over the toms and congas. The bass drum has a Click and Decay control whereas the snare has Tone and Snap. The cymbal also gets a tone control and the hi-hat gets Decay. As this is all synthesis based then the controls are authentic rather than pushing samples around. The sub-bass gets its own set of Pitch, Decay and Gain controls over by the main volume.

SUB is a free download for VST/AU on Windows or MacOS and there’s also a standalone version. Although it doesn’t contain a sequencer or drum machine so you’ll need to be triggering it from something.

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Sampleson Sub

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2 responses to “Sampleson SUB: Vintage Analog Drums and Sub Bass Oscillator virtual synth and it’s free”

    Arno says:

    ITS NOT FREE ;( its costs $1.25 on your card , Dont think this is free even after posting on your social media

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