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Ruismaker Drum Synth Oscillator

Ruismaker Drum Synth Oscillator  ·  Source: Bram Bos

Bram Bos has released a video of their forthcoming Ruismaker Drum Synth Oscillator which can be loaded into the Korg NTS-1, Minilogue XD or Prologue to give you a simple analog-style drum synth.

Ruismaker Drum Synth Oscillator

This is a really interesting option as a custom oscillator for the “Logue SDK” compatible Korg synths. So far we’ve had individual waveforms with a range of tonal shaping options and effects but this is a bit different.

According to the little information we have so far it comes with four sounds; Kick, Snare and then closed and open hi-hats. These are individually MIDI triggerable. Giving you a little 4-voice drum machine – or is it? The NTS-1 is monophonic so actually each sound is happening by itself. In the video it’s being demonstrated on the NTS-1 and there’s a bit of pitch tuning going on as well as some effects.

Custom oscillators are loaded into your compatible synth via an app and you have 16 slots available. The controls are then accessed via the front panel. It’s a really neat way of offering an expanding sound palette for a synthesizer.

No news on price or when it will become available as yet.

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