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Korg Prologue SDK

Korg Prologue SDK  ·  Source: Korg

One of the more unusual features of the Korg Prologue polysynth is the ability to mess with the digital oscillators. The Software Developers Kit (SDK) gives you access to the Multi-Engine where you can create up to 16 of your own custom digital oscillators. The SDK has just been released.

Korg Prologue SDK

The SDK code, tools and documentation are now available on GitHub. You can create oscillators, effects and all sorts of custom modulation possibilities. There are 16 slots for custom oscillators. Once loaded they coexist alongside the VCOs of each voice. You play them with the same polyphony and routed through the same signal path. Up to 6 parameters can be changed using the Shape knob.

The effects engine also has 16 user slots for you to create custom effect patches.

The Prologue currently comes with a single digital oscillator called Waves which occupies all 16 slots by default. You will be able to load other oscillators from the Korg or 3rd party library as they become available, or, of course, you can program your own. But if you’re not into coding then using the librarian editor you can load oscillators created by others.

Korg Prologue SDK Librarian

Korg Prologue SDK Librarian

Although the SDK is now available it will require a firmware update to the Prologue to allow for the uploading of custom oscillators. That should be available in June and so until then, it’s all about the coding.

We did see a Prologue development board at Superbooth which is designed as a single voice mini-Prologue to allow coders to test their custom oscillators without having to have a Prologue. You don’t need that board in order to design or customise the oscillators but Korg are making it available to developers who would like to dig deeper into the programming.

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