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Korg Prologue and Plaits

Korg Prologue and Plaits  ·  Source: Robin Vincent


Software developer Peter Allwin has released an adaptation of the Plaits Eurorack macro-oscillator for the Korg Prologue’s third digital/user oscillator. 


Plaits for Korg

The Mutable Instrument Plaits is a “macro-oscillator” Eurorack module that contains lots of different sorts of oscillators. It was recently released as a purely software version into VCV Rack. Peter used the Korg Prologue software development kit to port the software version across to the Korg synthesizer. Of the 16 synthesis models available in Plaits he could only fit in these 6:

  • va – Classic Waveforms – a normal Oscillator
  • wsh – Waveshaping
  • fm – Two FM Operators
  • grn – Granular Formant Oscillator
  • add – Harmonic Oscillator
  • wta – Wavetable Oscillator (Divided into 4 × 8 oscillator models due to memory limitations)

The support for user-developed oscillators for the Prologue has been steadily growing and is turning out to be one of its more interesting features. We reported recently on the leaked Korg Minilogue XD which appears to have a similar digital oscillator to the Prologue. With a bit of luck it will be exactly the same and support this growing number of custom oscillators.

The Plaits oscillators are available via Github and can be installed using the official Prologue Librarian from Korg.


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Demo Video of the new Mutable Instruments oscillators used in a Minilogue XD Sound Pack.

Korg Prologue and Plaits

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