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Prok VCV Rack

Prok VCV Rack  ·  Source: VCV Rack

The Prok Modular drum mobiles are a very popular way to add quick, easy and versatile drum sounds to your Eurorack modular. Now you can have those same modules in VCV Rack along with 10 modules only available in software.

Prok Drums

These are fabulous little modules. There are five in the series: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Clap and Klonk. They are all based on digital synthesis rather than samples and have the ability to morph between a number of parameters. For instance the Bass Drum combines four oscillators, two waveshapers and a noise source and the XY morphing has you modulating for sweet spots. Along with the Snare these two modules are aiming for that 808/909 sound but cover a lot of sounds over, past and in between.

Clap takes three noise sources, waveshapes and filters, Hi-Hat consists of six square wave oscillators and a SID style noise generator and Klonk has all sorts of weird percussive sounds going on.

The VCV Rack versions stay close to the hardware and you can add the 12-bit output and distortion resolution to match the hardware sound.

More than “Utility”

Also included are 10 “utility” modules based on the same morphing architecture as the Drum modules. Some of them are regular house-keeping and useful type modules but many of them are far from mundane. On the utility side, there’s a Clap and Drum Envelope, 5-channel Micro Mixer, noise generator but then there’s a Dual Filter, Distortion, a module featuring two banks of three square wave oscillators, an oscillator with three envelopes, Triple Noise Generator and a Dual Oscillator. So I think they are under selling their modules by calling them utility.

VCV Rack

Anyway, the collection is available now for VCV Rack for $25.

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Here’s a video that uses all the new Prok modules from YouTuber Jeremy Wentworth.


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