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ADDAC 105  ·  Source: ADDAC


The next in their series of T-Networks inspired modules is the ADDAC 105. It has a square wave oscillator with 4 voices, FM, slew decay and a multimode filter.



The 105 gives you 4 tunable voices with their own  FM switch and decay control. They each route into a VCA with independent trigger inputs. The output of the voices is summed and passes through a multimode filter and come out of the lowpass, highpass and bandpass outputs.

The FM switch routes the output of the previous voice into this one for modulation. Voice 1 would be modulated by voice 4. You can have all the FM going on all the time in a loop.

The Decay knob controls the amount of slew applied to the incoming signal whether that’s a trigger, gate or CV. Fully anti-clockwise acts as a mute.

There’s an external input that can be routed through the filter or it can be used for pitch control over all 4 voices at the same time. There’s a jumper on the back of the module to set which mode you want to use. The module is not 1v/oct calibrated and so pitch control is in the realms of experimental.

The point of these T-Networks inspired modules is that they are easy, immediate and great value for money. The 105 is only €110 and can offer a large amount of exploration. The video below shows one example of how you could use the 4 voices – I’m looking forward to more!

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