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ADDAC Acid Source

ADDAC Acid Source  ·  Source: ADDAC


The usually serious ADDAC System are dropping some spice into a module in the form of the ADDAC107 Acid Source compact synth voice.


Acid Source

9HP is not a lot of space for an entire synth voice. But somehow, ADDAC has managed to squeeze in a full VCO, a VCF and a VCA with something approaching an envelope. It still looks like a serious module but in a good way.

At the top is the VCO with triangle or sawtooth waveform options. This is mixed and balanced with a square wave before reaching the filter. The filter is multimode with lowpass, highpass and bandpass on offer. The cutoff can be CV controlled, and there’s manual control over the resonance. At the VCA, you have some input gain control with a bit of a boost into saturation which works nicely with the filter. An attack/decay circuit will give a very short attack and a controllable decay that can be used to modulate the amplitude.

All the juicy acid sounds come from manipulating that input gain to the VCA via the attack/decay circuit. The distortion adds some nice harmonics while the filter can be pushed into self-oscillation at high resonance levels contributing to the squelchiness of the sound. What we really need at this point is a demo! Ok, here we go:


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Sounds rather brilliant I think, and would be superb in a compact system. You’ve got just about enough control. It would also save you a lot of bother trying to replicate that sound with a number of other modules. It’s also great value at €210 and will also be available as a kit.

ADDAC Acid Source

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