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Vicoustic VicBooth Premium

Vicoustic VicBooth Premium  ·  Source:

Vicoustic VicBooth Premium

Vicoustic VicBooth Premium  ·  Source:

It must be the month of isolation booths! Recently we also covered VocalBoothToGo, a more mobile solution and GIK Acoustics have also released their Portable Isolation Booth. They all offer very different solutions and at very different price points, so if you’re in the market for something like this think carefully. What’s interesting, I guess, is how the acoustic manufacturers are finally building cost-effective products that can work on location, or in a home studio where a permanent solution isn’t viable. VicBooth Premium is at the higher end of the market and is less mobile, but still one of the cheaper options that we’ve had over the years. It comes with an interesting design idea too, by not having a door!

VicBooth Premium

Vicoustic have designed this new isolation booth to be both portable and affordable. In terms of portability, it can be flat-packed and weighs around 141Kg. This isn’t amazing, but does mean you could keep it stored somewhere and build it when needed. Apparently it is easy to erect, taking less than 30 minutes to build.

The emphasis here is on high-quality materials for a better solution that looks smart enough for nearly any location. This could be more suitable to you than the tent-like appearance of VocalBoothToGo. VicBooth Premium’s modular panels are made from M1 foam and microsuede fabric covering, with wooden surround. This results in a modern look with absorption characteristics that they claim are broadband. Extensions can be bought and easily added to the base model to increase the isolated area.

There are several scenarios which these booths could prove very useful. Obviously they have their commercial benefits as a phone booth in noisy factory environments, or in education for rehearsals and light recordings in the classroom. For the world of pro audio however, they would be particularly useful in home studios where an isolation booth is required but can’t be permanently built. They would also provide a convenient rehearsal space so that you don’t annoy your neighbours, or for those teaching music from home.

This is why Vicoustic have designed this booth without a door. It permits easy access and additional ventilation or air conditioning isn’t required. Not having a door makes sense, but obviously the noise reduction will be less than one with. The other downside I can see, is due to the ‘corridor’ style configuration seen in the second image above, you effectively loose floor space inside.

More Information

For more information and technical specifications visit the Vicoustic webpage for the VicBooth Premium. Priced competitively at 3,335 GBP, this is relatively cheap compared to other isolation booths available and for something that looks reasonably smart too.


Check out this short video by Vicoustic on their YouTube channel which demonstrates how to install the VicBooth Premium, and what the extensions can look like: