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Ultrasone PRO 2900i  ·  Source:


Based in Bavaria (South Germany), Ultrasone make some of the highest quality headphones around. Released and shipping, their new PRO “i” series are now available. Choosing the right headphones is extremely personal, and depends what you are going to use them for. There are countless options available now, but if you’re in the market these are probably worth checking out.


I remember reviewing a pair of Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones a couple of years ago, which are one of their flagship models. As expected, they were extremely pleasant to listen to with a very open sound. I certainly enjoyed listening to music on them, but felt I would need some time with them if I was going to do any mixing on them. Mind you, I suppose this is to be expected with any new headphones. I do however recognise that Ultrasone are trying to meet the demands of today’s market, by releasing these new professional headphones at a lower cost than the Signature Pros.

There are 4 models in this new range, three open-backed and one closed-backed. All 4 bring Ultrasone’s unique technologies to the pro field at a reasonable price point. They each sport S-Logic, a system Ultrasone have developed to deliver a natural sound with careful acoustics and choice of materials that perform well together. As we all know, there are issues presented with closed-backed headphones and Ultrasone have an effective system for dealing with these constraints. These headphones also come with their ULE technology for minimal magnetic field radiation.


The 4 models include the PRO 550i as the entry model, the PRO 750i as the mid-point option, and the PRO 900i at the top with an open-backed version called the PRO 2900i. All models are based around 40mm titanium-coated transducers. The 550i is meant to offer the most powerful output ideal for tracking drums and bass, whilst the 750i and 900’s offer more fidelity. The frequency response of the 550i is 10-22kHz, whilst the 900i and 2900i offer a very impressive 6-42kHz.

Here’s a list of all 4 models with their price points. Click on the links to visit the Ultrasone website for more information:

PRO 550i = 184.23 GBP
PRO 750i = 260.14 GBP
PRO 900i = 362.14 GBP
PRO 2900i = 362.14 GBP

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