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Thomann Cyberweek Savings Deals

Thomann Cyberweek: Big savings on instruments and audio gear!  ·  Source: Thomann


November’s a great time to pick up some bargains! Our affiliate partner Thomann has just announced its annual Cyberweek sales, and there are some choice bits of gear going for a song. As always with deals and discounts, these prices only apply while stocks last. So you’ll have to be quick!


Thomann has you covered for just about any kind of instrument and equipment, from guitars, synths, pianos, drums and more – all the way through to studio and live gear and beyond. Hundreds of items are reduced, by as much as 60%. For a list of all the deals and to visit the Thomann Cyberweek store, click below.

Big Savings

Here’s a quick taste of some of the best deals we’ve seen so far on the Cyberweek Sale – we’ll be offering more highlights from Thomann’s Cyberweek over the next few days. Here’s a taster of the kind of discounts we can look forward to:

Korg NC-Q1 Black Noise-Cancelling Headphones: 48% off

Launched back in February, Korg’s NC-Q1 noise-cancelling headphones give you up to 36 hours of operation, with a frequency range of 10-25,000 Hz from the closed-backed, rotatable earphones. These guys are wireless, too, with Bluetooth 4.1 and charging accompliushed over USB. Siri and Google Assistant are supported too. The discount? A cool 48%, retailing while stocks last at €149 instead of €288. 

Solar Guitars GC1.6B-Black Gloss: Save 33%

A quality single-cut by Solar Guitars, the GC1.6B has a lovely Black Gloss finish, and the gold hardware really pops. Among the features on offer are the Evertune Constant-Tension Bridge. Add in Luminlay ‘Glow in the Dark’ dots, a set-in maple neck and ebony fretboard along with two tasty Duncan Solar pickups… This axe packs a hefty punch! Grab yours now at 33% off, that’s a saving of €300.

Sennheiser XSW 1-835 E-Band Vocal Set: 35% off!

Sennheiser 835

Looking for a reliable wireless vocal mic set from a quality brand? This bundle has you covered. Included are the SKM-XSW35 hand transmitter with dynamic capsule and cardioid polar pattern, the EM-XSW1 Diversity desktop receiver as well as a power supply and mic mount. Normally, this set would set you back €309, the special Cyberweeks deal is €198, a saving of 35%.

Behinger MonoPoly

Behringer MonoPolyBehringer’s classy synth, desirable synth and has 4 VCOs and can play in mono, unison and polyphonic modes with paraphonic articulation. It features detuning across all oscillators which also gives it a useful chord mode. There’s pulse width modulation, cross-modulation and sync which brings a slightly different flavour to the tone. It’s a very faithful reproduction of the original even down to the colour of the knobs and panel – it does look rather good. During the Cyberweeks sale, it’s available at €100 off!

AKG C 451 B Stereo Pair: Save 14%

AKG C451B Stereo Pair

AKG’s C 451 B is a reference-grade microphone in rock-solid build quality, offered here in a matched pair that differ in sensitivity and frequency response by less than 1 dB. The C 451 B has a switchable HP filter and level attentuation option. The clean sound of the CK 1 capsule is outstanding at capturing sources like percussion and acoustic guitars, so it’s no surprise that this stereo pair is found in studios around the world as a workhorse overhead mic pair. The asking price during the Cyberweeks is only €498, that’s a hefty 14% off the standard price.

Software and Downloads

Thomann’s download store has great savings on software, too. Check out the deals below going on top brands like Arturia, AKAI Professional, AudioModern, Krotos, Waves and Polyverse.

Thomann Cyberweek Deals

Deal List

ProductDeal Price €Normal Price €SavingDeal
Adam T10S385,00429,0010%Link
AirBorne 2.4Ghz Instrument59,0069,0014%Link
AKAI Professional MPC Studio239,00259,008%Link
AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 Black85,0095,0011%Link
AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 Red85,0094,0010%Link
AKG C 451 B Stereo Set498,00578,0014%Link
AKG P17065,0071,008%Link
AKG P820 Tube398,00439,009%Link
Alhambra 11 P w/Case1749,002099,0017%Link
Alhambra Luthier Aniversario2849,003149,0010%Link
AMS Neve 1073LBEQ Module 500er API839,00929,0010%Link
ART Pro Channel II444,00529,0016%Link
ART Pro MPA II398,00529,0025%Link
ART TubeOpto 8666,00779,0015%Link
Artinoise Re.corder Blue129,00149,0013%Link
Audeze LCD-2 Classic Closed New798,00899,0011%Link
Audio Workshop Vocal Recording & Editing Tutorial DVD9,9019,9050%Link
Audio-Technica AT 875 R139,00152,009%Link
Audio-Technica AT4080748,00888,0016%Link
Aulos 533B Symphony Bass Recorder398,00489,0019%Link
BC Rich Shredzilla Extreme Exotic PH1249,001569,0020%Link
Behringer B12X198,00259,0024%Link
Behringer C129,9034,9014%Link
Behringer Eurocom CL229699,00279,0065%Link
Behringer MIC500USB Tube Ultragain59,0069,0014%Link
Behringer MonoPoly579,00679,0015%Link
Behringer Moving Head MH363198,00229,0014%Link
Behringer Podcastudio 2 USB85,0098,0013%Link
Behringer Pro-1198,00249,0020%Link
Behringer RD-6-SB99,00139,0029%Link
Behringer RD-6-TG99,00139,0029%Link
Behringer TD-3-RD79,0099,0020%Link
Behringer ULM300MIC49,0089,0045%Link
Behringer U-Phoria Studio75,0085,0012%Link
Behringer U-Phoria Studio PRO119,00129,008%Link
Behringer VMX1000 USB179,00198,0010%Link
Behringer Voice Studio99,00111,0011%Link
Behringer WASP Deluxe169,00222,0024%Link
beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Explorer149,00199,0025%Link
Bose F1 passive498,00899,0045%Link
Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX179,00215,0017%Link
Bugera 1960 Infinium298,00444,0033%Link
Carol Brass CFL-6200-GSS-Bb-SLB888,001139,0022%Link
Chandler Limited REDD.472398,002799,0014%Link
Cordoba Fusion 12 Maple Konzertgitarre625,00699,0011%Link
Danelectro 64S Black888,00999,0011%Link
Denon DJ LC6000 Prime498,00666,0025%Link
DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Amp/Cab Simulator269,00299,0010%Link
DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Amp/Cab Sim248,00299,0017%Link
DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX Amp/Cab Sim329,00379,0013%Link
DW Exotic Cherry Candy Black II3990,006998,0043%Link
DW Exotic Natural to Regal Blue3990,006998,0043%Link
DW Exotic Stainless Steel3990,006999,0043%Link
DW Finish Ply Fusion Black Ice4990,005698,0012%Link
DW Finish Ply Vintage Jazz Pearl3990,005798,0031%Link
Dynaudio BM5 MKIII369,00399,008%Link
EBS Metal Drive II Distortion39,0059,0034%Link
Efnote 5X E-Drum Set3490,003998,0013%Link
Elrick Platinum E-volution 5 SC BMT3990,004499,0011%Link
Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60´s BB498,00589,0015%Link
Ernie Ball Slash Signature 11-48 3er Pack EB382032,9039,9018%Link
EV RE320279,00289,003%Link
Evh 5150 III 15W LBXII Lunchbox444,00549,0019%Link
Fender 63 Strat FMT HSS TGT Relic3590,003899,008%Link
Fender 75th Anni Com P-Bass BB MN1777,001989,0011%Link
Fender AM Acoustasonic Strat DRD1111,001599,0031%Link
Fender AM Acoustasonic Tele CRD1298,001649,0021%Link
Fender AM Ultra Jazzm. MN Cobra Blue1498,001959,0024%Link
Fender Blues JNR IV Sonic CREX555,00749,0026%Link
Fender CC-60S Cedar WN Nat179,00229,0022%Link
Fender Flea Sig Bass RDWRN SHP1111,001329,0016%Link
Fender Jack Rack24,0027,5013%Link
Fender Jimmy Page Mirror MBPW15900,0022900,0031%Link
Fender PM-1 Standard Paramount Dreadnought Mahagoni Westerngitarre479,00509,006%Link
Fender SQ Paran. Cyclone CAR298,00369,0019%Link
Fender SQ Paran. Toronado 3-Sunburst298,00349,0015%Link
Fender Strat Sunburst Body Bookends45,0055,0018%Link
Focal Alpha 50 Evo249,00279,0011%Link
Focal Solo 6 Be 40th949,001099,0014%Link
Framus Legacy Serie FD 14 SV Dreadnought149,00179,0017%Link
Framus Legacy Serie FD 14 SV Dreadnought159,00179,0011%Link
Friedman BE-Mini Amp Head269,00299,0010%Link
Fun Generation Big Egg LED RGB WW 4in1 IR39,0059,0034%Link
Fun Generation Rock Buds II white39,0049,0020%Link
Fun Generation Sport Buds14,9023,9038%Link
Fun Generation Stagemix 400159,00198,0020%Link
Fun Generation USB One19,0024,9024%Link
Gallien Krueger 115RBH599,00699,0014%Link
Gallien Krueger Legacy Combo 1x15"777,00999,0022%Link
Gallien Krueger MB410698,00899,0022%Link
Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-400079,0099,0020%Link
Gator G-BUS-8 Multi Power Supply59,0061,003%Link
Gewa G9 E-Drum Set Pro C64444,005298,0016%Link
Gibson 1952 J-185 Antique Natural3998,004499,0011%Link
Gibson G-45 Natural Generation1090,001199,009%Link
Gibson Les Paul 60 TSB 60th Anniv.4990,005998,0017%Link
Gibson Les Paul Studio SB1285,001394,008%Link
Gibson Slash J-45 November Burst2790,003275,0015%Link
G-LAB MIDI 2x Looper79,0099,0020%Link
Gretsch G2217 Strm. Jr. Jet FSR DCM298,00359,0017%Link
Hammond SK PRO-732490,002695,008%Link
Harley Benton Amp Iso 233,0042,0021%Link
Harley Benton Block-300B159,00189,0016%Link
HARLEY BENTON CLD-60SCE TB99,00129,0023%Link
Harley Benton Custom Line Bass DI-Expander69,0087,0021%Link
Harley Benton Custom Line CLD-1048SCE-LH NS Linkshänder189,00219,0014%Link
Harley Benton DC-DLX Gotoh Shell Pink279,00319,0013%Link
Harley Benton DC-Junior FAT Benton Blue159,00199,0020%Link
Harley Benton DC-Junior FAT LH Faded Cherry198,00249,0020%Link
Harley Benton DC-LTD Gotoh Daphne Blue269,00299,0010%Link
Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Ghost Skull9,9022,9057%Link
Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Native Skull12,9024,9048%Link
Harley Benton Dullahan-AT 24 TBB298,00449,0034%Link
Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit CST-24T79,0099,0020%Link
Harley Benton EX-84 Modern MSP229,00299,0023%Link
Harley Benton Fusion-T HH Roasted DP359,00399,0010%Link
Harley Benton G212A-FR Active Cabinet249,00289,0014%Link
Harley Benton HB JA-60SB Vintage Series149,00169,0012%Link
Harley Benton HBO-850 Bass Natural111,00139,0020%Link
Harley Benton HBV 870BEM 4/4 Electric Violin111,00139,0020%Link
Harley Benton HBV 880SA Semi Acoustic RD169,00198,0015%Link
Harley Benton Kahuna-S Flower 222,0029,0024%Link
Harley Benton MT1005,907,9025%Link
Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-12 Pro85,0099,0014%Link
Harley Benton SC-DLX Gotoh Pelham Blue298,00349,0015%Link
Harley Benton SC-DLX Gotoh Shell Pink298,00349,0015%Link
Harley Benton SolidBass 150C222,00299,0026%Link
Harley Benton ST-62CC RW Lake Placid Blue129,00149,0013%Link
Harley Benton ST-62DLX OW Vintage Series159,00179,0011%Link
Harley Benton TableAmp V2 BlueTooth59,0069,0014%Link
Harley Benton Talk Box99,00119,0017%Link
Harley Benton TB-70 SBK Deluxe Series179,00209,0014%Link
Harmonic Art Handpan HD3 Master 8888,001298,0032%Link
Harmonic Art HD10 Harmonic Minor E888,001198,0026%Link
Harmonic Art HD11 Dorian F999,001298,0023%Link
Headrush MX5444,00499,0011%Link
HEDD Type 07 MK2 White777,00949,0018%Link
Hemingway DP-501 MKII AT444,00489,009%Link
Hemingway DP-701 MKII BP575,00629,009%Link
Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 20077,0089,0013%Link
Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300149,00169,0012%Link
Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500244,00269,009%Link
Hercules DJ Learning Kit169,00215,0021%Link
Hitman HD-30 Marauder E-Drum Set398,00498,0020%Link
Hohner Marine Band Classic C29,0033,0012%Link
Hörluchs EasyUp66,0091,0027%Link
HoTone Ampero279,00319,0013%Link
HoTone Loudster Portable Power Amp111,00139,0020%Link
HoTone Nano Legacy Purple Wind59,0079,0025%Link
Human Base Daily Base 5 Ziricote2490,002999,0017%Link
Ibanez AZ2204B-BK Prestige1698,001888,0010%Link
Ignition 2bright Par 7 IP222,00279,00%Link
Ignition ACL LED Par 64149,00198,0025%Link
Ignition LED Mini Studio PAR One 20°89,00119,0025%Link
Ignition Pure UV 710111,00139,0020%Link
Ignition WAL-L Z150398,00498,0020%Link
IK Multimedia UNO Synth129,00159,0019%Link
IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop366,00399,008%Link
Joyo AD-2 preamp/DI35,0039,0010%Link
Joyo Atomic Topteil mit Bluetooth für E-Gitarre79,0099,0020%Link
Joyo Jackman Topteil mit Bluetooth für E-Gitarre79,0099,0020%Link
Joyo TC-1 Tone Chain79,0099,0020%Link
Kali Audio IN-5298,00324,008%Link
Knaggs Kenai J D1 Sonic Blue2222,002698,0018%Link
Knaggs Severn T1 Trem Forest Green3490,004598,0024%Link
Knaggs Tuckahoe Trem T2 Charcoal/Onyx2990,004298,0030%Link
Korg MA-2 BLBK Digital Metronome12,0016,0025%Link
KORG MONOTRON DELAY44,0049,0010%Link
Korg Monotron Duo44,0049,0010%Link
Korg Nautilus 611888,001990,005%Link
Korg NC-Q1 Black149,00288,0048%Link
Korg RK-100S 2 Black777,00888,0013%Link
KRK S12G4795,00849,006%Link
KRK V4S4345,00379,009%Link
KRK V6S4444,00479,007%Link
Larrivee LSV-11E Rosewood3990,004699,0015%Link
Larry Carlton S7 AWH398,00499,0020%Link
LAVA MUSIC ME 2 Freeboost BL598,00799,0025%Link
Lewitt LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair149,00189,0021%Link
LP 204C-DM Demon Cowbell16,9039,0057%Link
LSL Bad Bone 2 Sugar Pine BB2190,002598,0016%Link
LSL Balboa Bass Sonic Blue1998,002298,0013%Link
Ludwig LB414, 14"x5" Black Beauty Snare Drum698,00845,0017%Link
Mackie CR4-X99,00109,009%Link
MACKIE CR8S-X BT159,00198,0020%Link
Mackie Creator Bundle179,00198,0010%Link
MACKIE EM-91CU33,0048,0031%Link
Mackie EM-Carbon99,00125,0021%Link
Mackie EM-Chromium139,00149,007%Link
Macmull Guitars S-Classic Sunburst MN4444,004999,0011%Link
Manley NuMU2490,002899,0014%Link
Maono Maonocaster159,00199,0020%Link
Marcus Miller P10 Alder 4 TS698,00979,0029%Link
Marcus Miller P7 Alder 4 AW 2nd Gen398,00499,0020%Link
Marcus Miller V10 4 NT898,001219,0026%Link
Marcus Miller V10 4 NT FL949,001149,0017%Link
Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-4 NT 2nd Gen444,00549,0019%Link
Markbass CMD Super Combo K11198,001399,0014%Link
Marshall DSL1CR249,00279,0011%Link
Marshall Fridge 3.2298,00375,0021%Link
Marshall Jack Rack24,0033,0027%Link
Marshall Jack Rack White19,9025,5022%Link
Marshall JTM45/22451149,001349,0015%Link
Marshall MX212AR Gitarren Box259,00298,0013%Link
Marshall Origin 50C Combo444,00489,009%Link
Marshall Origin 5C Combo198,00222,0011%Link
Martin Rush Par 1 RGBW 20°198,00299,0034%Link
M-Audio Oxygen 25 Mk469,0079,0013%Link
Meinl 15" Byzance Big Apple Dark Hat398,00479,0017%Link
mikme pocket329,00369,0011%Link
Millenium 2B Carbon Drumstick Supergrip15,9021,0024%Link
Millenium B20 Cymbalset159,00189,0016%Link
Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM325,0035,0029%Link
Millenium DS200 Silver59,0069,0014%Link
Millenium KS-200069,0079,0013%Link
Millenium Laptopstand Doc14,9019,9025%Link
Millenium MA-204014,9019,9025%Link
Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum99,00119,0017%Link
Millenium MS 201225,0033,0024%Link
Millenium Pocket Headphone28,0033,0015%Link
Millenium R1 12" Metronome Practice Pad36,0045,0020%Link
Millenium SD-120 C StudioDesk149,00189,0021%Link
Millenium SD-120 W StudioDesk159,00189,0016%Link
Millenium Still Series Cymbal Set reg.119,00149,0020%Link
Moog Grandmother Dark888,00899,001%Link
Moog Subharmonicon698,00745,006%Link
Music Man Dustin Kensrue StingRay DSTB2590,003290,0021%Link
Neumann KH 4203690,003990,008%Link
Neumann TLM 103 mt Stereo Set1998,002299,0013%Link
Numark Mixtrack Platinum198,00222,0011%Link
Nux Loop Core69,0089,0022%Link
Nux MG-30222,00298,0026%Link
Nux MG-30099,00129,0023%Link
Orange Super Crush 100 Combo598,00699,0014%Link
Otamatone Deluxe Black69,0079,0013%Link
Paiste 30" Symphonic Gong798,001039,0023%Link
Pearl 14"x5,5" Modern Utility Steel159,00222,0028%Link
Pearl EM1 Malletstation1111,001279,0013%Link
Pearl Masterworks Mod. Dry Wh.Marine2690,003599,0025%Link
Pearl Masterworks Stadium Blk. Pearl3990,005499,0027%Link
Pearl Masterworks Urban Zebrawood3990,005899,0032%Link
Pearl PHP-1465 #101777,00998,0022%Link
Phil Jones Bass Cabinet CAB 67555,00649,0014%Link
Physis Piano K4 EX1290,001499,0014%Link
Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski498,00699,0029%Link
Presonus AudioBox iTwo Studio188,00229,0018%Link
Presonus MicroStation BT111,00129,0014%Link
PRS Custom 24 Floyd FGM3690,003998,008%Link
PRS SE Custom 24 BG Black Gold Burst798,00898,0011%Link
PRS SE P20E Parlour VM479,00579,0017%Link
Quilter Travis Toy 15 Combo888,001299,0032%Link
Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-PRE V2259,00299,0013%Link
Remo Rhythm, Breath & Lullaby Kit349,00399,0013%Link
Roadworx Orchesterstuhl269,00333,0019%Link
Roadworx PF 212,9017,4026%Link
Roadworx Synthesizer Stand22,0029,0024%Link
Roland A-49 Black159,00179,0011%Link
Roland Aerophone AE-10679,00749,009%Link
Roland TD-27K V-Drum Set1777,001999,0011%Link
Roland TR-06339,00379,0011%Link
Saramonic Blink 500 B2198,00235,0016%Link
Schecter C-7 Multiscale Silver Mountain1198,001399,0014%Link
Seiko SQ-60 Metronome24,0030,5021%Link
Seiko SQ-70 Quartz Metronom45,0059,0024%Link
Sennheiser ew 300 G4 Base SK-RC DW Band698,00798,0013%Link
Sennheiser IE 500 Pro CL444,00549,0019%Link
Sennheiser IE 500 Pro SBK444,00549,0019%Link
Sennheiser XSW 1-835 E-Band Vocal Set198,00309,0036%Link
Shure AONIC 215 True Wireless G2 Bk189,00199,005%Link
Shure SE215-K83,0099,0016%Link
Shure SM58 Quality Bundle115,00134,0014%Link
Simmons SD1200 E-Drum Set498,00598,0017%Link
Sirus MP2198,00255,0022%Link
Slate Digital VMS ONE Preamp375,00449,0016%Link
Solar Guitars GC1.6B-Black Gloss598,00899,0033%Link
SoloDallas Schaffer Replica EX Tower1111,001389,0020%Link
Solomon SubKick LoFReQ White198,00259,0024%Link
SOMA Ornament-8633,00689,008%Link
Stairville AF-300 LED Fogger Co2 FX DMX398,00489,0019%Link
Stairville LED PAR64 36x3W RGB MKII pol.79,00119,0034%Link
Stairville MH-z720 V2555,00679,0018%Link
Stairville Mini Stage Par 7x6W RGB B59,0079,0025%Link
Stairville Wild Wash Pro 648 LED CW149,00179,0017%Link
Startone Mat Drum39,0049,0020%Link
Startone SBS-75 Baritone Sax998,001333,0025%Link
Steinberg UR22 MK2 Recording Pack Elem.239,00275,0013%Link
Superlux HD-66225,0033,0024%Link
Superlux MSKA Singer Pack29,9039,9025%Link
Superlux Pra 218A15,9022,6030%Link
Superlux R10299,00136,0027%Link
Superlux S502 ORTF Stereo Mikrofon99,00129,0023%Link
Swissonic ASM7198,00239,0017%Link
Swissonic EasyKey 6199,00111,0011%Link
Swissonic MM-359,0079,0025%Link
Swissonic NT10A249,00298,0016%Link
Swissonic T20499,00119,0017%Link
Swissonic UA-2x249,0059,0017%Link
Swissonic Webcam 3 Full-HD AF-L59,0069,0014%Link
t.akustik Vocal Head Booth333,00399,0017%Link
Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B4129,00157,0018%Link
Taylor Custom #10101 Grand Auditorium3990,004999,0020%Link
tc electronic Blacksmith1111,001479,0025%Link
tc electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper89,00139,0036%Link
tc electronic Flashback Triple Delay149,00212,0030%Link
tc electronic Grand Magus Distortion19,9034,0041%Link
tc electronic Hypergravity Mini39,0063,0038%Link
tc electronic PolyTune Clip Tuner29,9039,9025%Link
tc electronic Sub'N'Up Mini Octaver49,0069,0029%Link
tc electronic TC1210-DT59,0098,0040%Link
tc electronic TC8210-DT59,0098,0040%Link
tc electronic Teleport GLR12,9025,0048%Link
tc electronic Teleport GLT12,9025,0048%Link
TC-Helicon GO GUITAR14,9022,0032%Link
TC-Helicon Go Solo59,0077,0023%Link
TC-Helicon Go Twin59,0079,0025%Link
TC-Helicon MP-6049,0069,0029%Link
the t.bone BC 50069,0079,0013%Link
the t.bone column PT Set 823 MHz169,00235,0028%Link
the t.bone DC 4000222,00299,0026%Link
the t.bone GigA Pro Body Set198,00239,0017%Link
the t.bone GZ 1 USB33,0049,0033%Link
the t.bone MB 7 Beta79,0099,0020%Link
the t.bone MB 7 Beta USB89,00119,0025%Link
the t.bone MicScreen Desktop39,0049,0020%Link
the t.bone Micscreen LE44,0059,0025%Link
the t.bone MS 180 Popkiller9,9014,8033%Link
the t.bone PS 10069,00119,0042%Link
the t.bone SC 1200111,00159,0030%Link
the t.bone SC 40039,0049,0020%Link
the t.bone SC 420 USB Silver Desktop-Set49,0059,0017%Link
the t.bone SC 460 USB59,0098,0040%Link
the t.bone Sync 179,0098,0019%Link
the t.bone Sync 299,00149,0034%Link
the t.bone TWS One D Lapel39,0055,0029%Link
the t.mix 16.4279,00359,0022%Link
THE T.Racks Racksteckdose 16/635,0045,0022%Link
Thomann Accessory Bag Maxi49,0059,0017%Link
Thomann Black Jazz Bb- Flugelhorn222,00298,0026%Link
Thomann Blacky Bb-Trumpet198,00249,0020%Link
Thomann Classic Guitar S 4/4145,00159,009%Link
Thomann Classic-CE 4/4 Black Konzertgitarre 4/4 Größe179,00229,0022%Link
Thomann CTC-50 Red5,907,5021%Link
Thomann Guitar Multistand 529,9039,0023%Link
Thomann KB-47BM69,0089,0022%Link
Thomann KB-47BP69,0089,0022%Link
Thomann Nataraj tongue 12" A-Akebono159,00198,0020%Link
Thomann Nataraj tongue 12" D-Integral149,00189,0021%Link
Thomann Nataraj tongue 8" C-Major129,00159,0019%Link
Thomann PFU Unicorn Kalimba19,9049,0059%Link
Thomann proBONE 2 M Bb-/F-Tenor698,00999,0030%Link
Thomann TAS-180 Black Alto Saxophone298,00349,0015%Link
Thomann TCA 501R Multi Cajon79,0089,0011%Link
Thomann TK10-R Kalimba22,0030,0027%Link
Thomann TK17-R Kalimba29,0045,0036%Link
Thomann TTS-180 Vintage Tenor Sax444,00565,0021%Link
Thorens TD 202 black498,00598,0017%Link
T-Rex Diva Drive59,0069,0014%Link
Ultimate GS-1000 Pro Guitar Stand27,9035,0020%Link
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Duo Heritage Ed.999,001099,009%Link
Valeton GP-100VT111,00159,0030%Link
Varytec Area Flood 50 IP24,9049,0049%Link
Varytec Giga Bar Pix 8 UV59,0079,0025%Link
Varytec Hero Wash 300 TW498,00749,0034%Link
Varytec LED Studio 150 6000K WH129,00169,0024%Link
Varytec Rainbow Bar 859,0079,0025%Link
Varytec Rainbow Bar 949,0069,0029%Link
Varytec VP-1 DMX Video BiLight Panel222,00298,0026%Link
Varytec VR-440 Video Ring Light LED Bi59,0069,0014%Link
V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Master198,00219,0010%Link
V-Moda M-200 ANC298,00459,0035%Link
Vox AC10C1 Custom398,00489,0019%Link
Vox AC30 C2, E-Gitarren Combo777,00888,0013%Link
Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer StageII 54990,005499,009%Link
Warwick RB Alien Standard 4 NT599,00699,0014%Link
Warwick RB Corvette Premium 5 NTHP LH888,00999,0011%Link
Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 LTD 20183990,004799,0017%Link
Warwick Teambuilt Thumb SklarBass VST3190,003629,0012%Link
Wizoo Publishing Mischen & Mastern mit dem Computer9,9014,9534%Link
XVive Mike35,0049,0029%Link
Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Bounce498,00599,0017%Link
Zoom G6359,00399,0010%Link
Zoom PodTrak P8398,00429,007%Link
Zoom V6298,00333,0011%Link
Image Sources:
  • KORG NC-Q1: Korg
  • Solar Guitars GC1.6B-FRONT-HORIZONTAL: Solar Guitars
  • x1_desktop_Sennheiser-XSW-1-835-Block2-T_P: Sennheiser
  • MonoPoly_P0E3H_Top_XL: Behringer
  • csm_AKG_C451B3_49b649c753: AKG/Bonedo
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