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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals  ·  Source:


It’s November… and that means savings! During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, software manufacturers are queuing up to offer you great deals on all sorts of products, from synths, instruments and samples to effects and other audio tools. Time to hunt for some bargains!



In 2021, Black Friday falls on the 26 November, with Cyber Monday and the following Cyber Week close behind. And although there are plenty of great deals available already – some over 75% off the MSRP – other manufacturers will be rolling out additional deals throughout November. So bookmark this page and come back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out. Have we missed a deal you’ve seen? Leave us a comment, message us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email and we’ll add the deal to the list below.


Cyberweek Deals at Thomann with up to 60% off

Thomann Cyberweek Savings Deals

Thomann Cyberweek: Big savings on instruments and audio gear! · Source: Thomann

Thomann has announced its Cyberweek deals, with up to 60% off guitars, amps, synths, audio gear, drums – around 400 products are on sale. Want to save some money on a new purchase? This way, please.



2B Played Music Filter Friend30% offLink20.11.
8dio60% offLink21.11.
AAS Strum GS-251% offLink19.11.
Aberrant DSP Plug-insBis zu 50%Link5.12
Ableton Live 1125% offLink29.12.
AIR Essential Synths Pack (Vacuum Pro + Loom 2 + theRiser)97% offLink-
AIR Music Technology The Riser Flash Sale64% offLink15.11.
AIR Power PackHybrid 3 + Velvet + Mini Grand97% offLink-
Applied Acoustics Systems50% off (up to)Link-
Arobas Music Guitar Pro Sale13% offLink25.11.
A Sound Effect70% off (up to)Link05.12.
Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials50% offLink19.11.
Audified U78 Saturator & U73b Compressor Sale50% off (up to)Link14.11.
Audio Damage Black Friday59% off (up to)Link05.12.
Audio Damage Discord4 Sale50% offLink14.11.
Audiomodern Playbeat 3 Intro Sale72% off (up to)Link06.12.
Audionamix Black Friday Sale35% offLink30.11.
Audiority Plugins Black Friday Sale51% off (up to)Link30.11.
AudioThing Plugins November Sale44% off (up to)Link30.11.
AudioThing Reels Sale40% offLink30.11.
AudioThing Things Bundle53% offLink28.02.
AudioThing Wave Box Sale70% offLink30.11.
Baby Audio Black Friday Sale44% off (up to)Link05.12.
BeatSkillz SampleX V3 Sale50% offLink18.11.
BeatSkillz Virtual Instruments Sale86% off (up to)Link31.12.
Best of NoiseAsh74% offLink01.02.
BFD Drums BFD350% offLink30.11.
Blinksonic50% offLink29.11.
Blue Cat Audio Guitar Sale22% off (up to)Link02.12.
Blue Cat Audio Mix & Master Sale40% off (up to)Link19.11.
Boz Digital Labs Black Friday Sale80% off (up to)Link25.11.
Caelum Audio Tape Pro Black Friday Sale30% offLink12.12.
Cherry Audio Sale91% off (up to)Link22.11.
Creative Intent Tantrum & Remnant Sale30% offLink14.11.
Dark Silence Software74% offLink-
Decksaver20% offLink28.11.
Denise Audio Black Friday Sale61% off (up to)Link05.12.
Denise Audio Divine Bundle Black Friday Sale20% offLink30.11.
Denise Audio Individual Plugins Black Friday Sale20% off (up to)Link30.11.
Denise Audio Perfect Bundle Black Friday Sale20% offLink30.11.
Denise Audio Poltergate Intro Sale52% offLink09.01.
Deplike Guitar FX25% offLink22.11.
Devious Machines Black Friday Sale31% off (up to)Link05.12.
Diginoiz Hattricks Black Friday Sale57% offLink05.12.
Digital Brain Instruments Black Friday Sale60% offLink05.12.
discoDSP alle Plug-ins40% offLink02.01.
DJ Swivel All Plugins Bundle50% offLink31.12.
DJ Swivel End Of Year Sale51% off (up to)Link09.12.
DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2 Sale50% offLink14.11.
DopeSONIX Black Friday Sale60% off (up to)Link05.12.
Eastwest Sounds52% off (up to)Link31.12.
Embody Immerse Black Friday Sale40% offLink12.12.
Endlesss Studio Sale50% offLink03.01.
Eplex750% offLink05.12.
Eventide80% off up toLink03.12.
Expressive E Imagine40% offLink18.11.
Faded Instruments Black Friday Sale50% offLink22.11.
Flux50% off (up to)Link31.12.
Fuse Audio Labs66% offLink28.11.
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Complete Bundle Sale62% offLink05.12.
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% offLink30.11.
Glitchmachines Black Friday Sale89% off (up to)Link02.12.
Glitchmachines Palindrome, Cryogen & Impact Bundle87% off (up to)Link09.01.
Glitchmachines Quadrant & Cataract Sale82% off (up to)Link09.01.
Glitchmachines Sound Design Sale90% off (up to)Link09.01.
Harrison Consoles November Sale78% off (up to)Link30.11.
Hexachords Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 Sale60% offLink05.12.
Hexachords Orb Synth Sale89% offLink03.01.
Hitmix DeepAudio20% offLink30.11.
Iceberg Audio The Sub + Beatgrader free50% offLink14.11.
IK Multimedia 25th Black Friday Krazy Deals73,34% offLink01.12.
Image Line FL Studio All Plugins Edition20% offLink01.12.
Initial Audio Black Friday Sale81% off (up to)Link31.12.
Inphonik Black Friday Sale71% off (up to)Link09.12.
iZotope Black Friday Sale95% off (up to)Link31.12.
iZotope Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition Sale93% offLink31.12.
iZotope Holiday Bundle Gold Edition Sale96% offLink31.12.
iZotope Holiday Bundle Platinum Edition Sale94% offLink31.12.
iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1 & Iris 2 Bundle67% offLink31.12.
iZotope Nectar 3 Plus & Iris 2 Bundle85% offLink31.12.
iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced & Iris 2 Bundle75% offLink31.12.
iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced & Iris 2 Bundle75% offLink31.12.
iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle & Iris 2 Bundle Sale75% offLink31.12.
Kiive Audio Intro Sale64% off (up to)Link14.11.
Klevgrand50% offLink30.11.
Krotos Black Friday Sale50% offLink12.12.
Kuassa Amplifikation Creme & Vermilion Sale50% offLink18.11.
KV331 Black Friday Sale68% off (up to)Link30.11.
KV331 Synthmaster Player Sale70% offLink30.11.
Leapwing Audio UltraVox Intro Sale40% offLink16.11.
Loopcloud DRUM Intro Sale20% off (up to)Link06.12.
Loopmasters KHORDS Black Friday Sale50% offLink05.12.
MAGIX Black Friday Sale40% offLink05.12.
MAGIX Intro Sale40% off (up to)Link30.11.
Martinic40% offLink05.12.
Mastering The Mix Black Friday Sale49% off (up to)Link06.12.
Mastering The Mix RESO Introductory Sale15% offLink06.12.
Mastering Tutorial50% off with code "gearnewsallblack"Deal29.12.
Mathew Lane TiCo44% offLink25.11.
McDSP Plug-insbis zu 75% offLink25.11.
Melda Production Black Friday Sale50% offLink28.11.
Mellowmuse Black Friday Sale26% off (up to)Link05.12.
Mellowmuse CP2V Compressor Sale25% offLink14.11.
MeterPlugs Black Friday Sale31% off (up to)Link05.12.
Midi Madness Black Friday Sale32% offLink05.12.
Mixed in Key50% offLink
Mixland50% offLink29.11.
MNTRA Instruments Black Friday Sale63% off (up to)Link05.12.
Mojotone50% off BV25M-SP SpeakersLink26.12.
MSG Black Friday Sale90% off (up to)Link09.01.
Native Instruments50% off instruments, upgrades, updatesLink06.12.
Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics Collection Sale80% offLink30.11.
Noise Engineering15% off utilities and effectsLink28.11.
NUGEN Audio50% selected plug-insLink29.11.
Orbitron GHST Bundle45% offLink31.03.
Output Black Friday Sale37% off (up to)Link06.12.
Pitch Bending MIDI Bundle56% offLink31.03.
Plugin Boutique BigKick Black Friday Sale50% offLink05.12.
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Black Friday Sale61% offLink05.12.
Plugin Boutique Radio Black Friday Sale70% offLink05.12.
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage Black Friday Sale60% offLink05.12.
Polyend15% offLink29.11.
Polyverse Music Plug-insbis zu 50%Link08.12.
Positive Grid Sale50% off (up to)Link21.11.
PreSonus30% off selected softwareDeal29.11.
Pulsar Audio Pre-Black Friday Sale70% off (up to)Link25.11.
Relab Development Black Friday Sale74% off (up to)Link05.12.
Resonance Sound Plugins Black Friday79% off (up to)Link05.12.
Reveal Sound Spire Black Friday Sale50% off (up to)Link05.12.
Robotic Bean Hand Clap Studio Black Friday Sale40% offLink05.12.
Sample Logic70% off Symphonic AILink29.11.
Sampleson Black Friday Sale51% off (up to)Link05.12.
Sampleson Instruments Sale50% off (up to)Link14.11.
Schaack Audio AnalogQ Black Friday Sale25% offLink05.12.
Shout Audio BOLD Black Friday Sale40% offLink05.12.
Sick Noise Instruments Xenobyte79% offLink-
Signum Audio Black Friday Sale78% off (up to)Link05.12.
Singomakers Magic Stereo Sale50% offLink14.11.
Singomakers Phat Booster, Kick Tweak, Magic Stereo und mehrbis zu 70%Link05.12.
Singomakers Plugins Black Friday Sale71% off (up to)Link05.12.
sonible entropy:EQ+ & proximity:EQ+ Black Friday Sale70% offLink05.12.
Sonimus40% offLink01.12.
Sonnox ausgewählte Plug-ins50% offLink06.12.
Soundspear Variform34,78%Link30.11.
SoundSpot Bestsellers Bundle Sale97% offLink30.11.
SoundSpot Bestsellers Bundle Sale97% offLink30.11.
Soundspot Black Friday Sale96% off (up to)Link30.11.
SoundSpot Creative 5 for 5 Bundle99% offLink30.11.
SoundSpot Union Bundle Sale94% offLink30.11.
SoundSpot Vocal Processing Bundle Sale98% offLink30.11.
Soundtoys Black Friday Sale70% off (up to)Link 01.12.
Soyuz Microphones10% all micsLink29.12.
Spinnin' Records BASE Black Friday Sale33% offLink09.12.
SSLNearly 90% off Native FlexverbLink29.12.
Stagecraft Black Friday Sale62% off (up to)Link05.12.
Stagecraft RingMod Sale66% offLink14.11.
Steinberg30% off CubaseLink13.12.
Steven Slate Drums67% off (up to)Link06.12.
Sugar Bytes58% off (up to)Link30.12.
Surreal Machines Dub Machines Series Delay Plug-insbis zu 57%Link05.12.
Sweetsonics Laser Black Friday Sale46% offLink05.12.
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Sale49% off (up to)Link22.11.
Tegeler Audio ManufakturFree gear with 19" device(s)Link29.11.
Thenatan Sale84% off (up to)Link-
Three Body Technology Kirchhoff EQ27% offLink02.12.
Tone Empire70% off (up to)Link29.12.
Tracktion65% off (up to)Link
Tsugi50% off sound design toolsLink-
Tone Empire Reelight PRO Sale50% offLink18.11.
u-he Diva + FREE Lo-Fi Dreams Expansion Sale10% offLink05.01.
u-he Hive 2 + FREE Synthwave Expansion Sale11% offLink05.01.
ujam IDOL Intro Sale57% off (up to)Link05.12.
United Plugins UniChannel Intro Sale78% offLink30.11.
UrsaDSP Boost Black Friday Sale30% offLink30.11.
UVI30% offLinkDecksaver
Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron-ized Special Editions52% off (up to)Link30.11.
Voxengo Black Friday Sale30% off (up to)Link05.12.
W.A Production Artist Series Bundle Sale50% offLink06.01.
W.A Production Black Friday Sale50% off (up to)Link05.01.
W.A Production InstaComposer Intro Sale70% offLink05.12.
W.A Production InstaSeries Bundle Sale85% offLink06.01.
W.A Production MultiBender Intro Sale50% offLink06.01.
Waves Audio Black Friday Sale (tägliche Deals)90% off (up to)Link-
Waves Audio FREE Plug-inFREELink26.11.
Yum AudioFlash SalesLink30.11.
zplane Black Friday Sale30% off (up to)Link05.12.
Zylia75% off softwareLink29.12.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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