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TiNRS Bopp & Steve

TiNRS Bopp & Steve  ·  Source: TiNRS


Bopp & Steve connects your fingers to floating bits in space. It patches the virtual into reality, deconstructs audio paths and breathes new life into signals. What is it all about?


Bopp & Steve

An unlikely name for a spatial multi-effects unit, but you should never assume that you know what’s going on with This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS). I think we’re looking at a module for reverberation, delay, diffuse and pitch meddling.

The input routes through the smearing of Diffuse before clustering around the Delay section. Then it descends into the Tail where diffusion meets delay buffers in an endless spiral into infinity. This could get very interesting. You have different flavours of Diffuseness, the Delay can get into ping pong and Karplus Strong and the Tail can go from dense to floaty, to choppy and granular. And then you can play with all sorts of things like length chorality and temperature. You can even pull an envelope off the input to use against another parameter.


And then there’s Pitch mode. Pitch lets you shift the pitch of the audio up or down either freely or quantised. You can use it to generate chords, which, apparently, is unique, but I’m not sure yet how that works. However, following the pitch of your input an angelic choir of voices can emerge. What’s fascinating here is that you can choose at which point in the audio signal chain you want the pitch shift to occur. You could stick it before or after the Delay, or just in the Tail.

This is some weird stuff. There’s a lot of musical content being pushed around and manipulated. And not just musically, but spatially too. TiNRS says that Bopp & Steve is currently a prototype but it’s very nearly there. It hopes that we’ll all be inviting Bopp & Steve round for Christmas and it’ll cost €440.

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