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beyerdynamic M series

The new beyerdynamic M series microphones.  ·  Source: beyerdynamic


Announced at NAMM 2023, the esteemed beyerdynamic M series microphones have been updated! Among the list of upgrades are the M 88, M 160, M 130, M 201, MC 930, MC 950, and the MM 1 measurement mic.


The beyerdynamic M series microphones

Now, before you start to panic, the mics will continue to be hand-built at the manufacturer’s location in Heilbronn, Germany. What’s more, service and support will continue to be offered on current beyer microphone models.

We’ve heard the M series microphones on countless recordings. Over the years a range of artists has used these mics from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Phil Collins, to Dua Lipa in the current era.

So intricate is the production process for the M 160 and M 130 double ribbon mics, that it requires technicians to undergo a year of training to develop the dexterity and skill required.

From left to right: M 88, M 160, M 130, M 201, MC 930, MC 950, MM 1

From left to right: M 88, M 160, M 130, M 201, MC 930, MC 950, MM 1

The idea behind the update is to further increase the serviceability and longevity of these trusted microphones for a new generation of music makers.

beyerdynamic production manager, Thorsten Bender stated, “When a product line is so popular that it stays on the market for 60 years, it is extremely important to find the balance between improvements and what makes the products so popular in the first place.


How will they sound in comparison to the original models?  We estimate that it should be close to identical, but only time and detailed reviews will tell.

For info on the individual mics, check out the videos here on the beyerdynamic site.

Pricing and availability:

The new M series will roll out towards the end of 2023, and pricing is expected to be similar to the current models.

You can register on the beyerdynamic website to be notified as soon as they are available.

More about the beyerdynamic M series mics:


Image Sources:
  • From left to right: M 88, M 160, M 130, M 201, MC 930, MC 950, MM 1: beyerdynamic
beyerdynamic M series

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