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Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH - a blast from the past

Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH - a blast from the past  ·  Source: Fender

Fender is bringing its Boxer Stratocaster, a model from the ’80s, back to life. This Made-in-Japan model originally showed up during the Hair Metal days, and is all set to make a comeback this year.


Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH

With its pair of high-output Fender designed Boxer humbuckers, this classic ’80s-style twin-humbucker Boxer Stratocaster HH is all about the rock. It has a single volume and TBX Treble Bass Expander tone control wired via a three-way blade, plus a switch for coil-split. The TBX control is a bit weird. It’s a stacked tone pot where 1 to 5 functions as a standard control, but past that it increases bass, treble, presence and output. I owned one in the ’80s, and from memory, the TBX was pretty useless. Don’t expect a huge tonal variation from it.

Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH in Sherwood Green Metallic and Inca Silver

Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH in Sherwood Green Metallic and Inca Silver

Retro Style

The model has a basswood body with a bolt-on medium “C” profile maple neck, a 12”-radius rosewood fingerboard, and a black-painted headstock. Hardware includes Gotoh tuners and a two-point Fender Synchronized tremolo, all in black. It’s basically a straight-forward Strat-style guitar with some very ’80s appointments. They even put the old rubberised Fender control knobs on it!

’80s meh?

Having played these guitars in the ’80s, I must say that I was never a fan of them. And I certainly didn’t think that we would ever see them again, but apparently ’80s Fenders are back in vogue. Hopefully Fender has made some improvements with the model, as they were pretty awful the first time around.

The new Fender Boxer models will be available in Sherwood Green Metallic and Inca Silver finishes. You can follow the link below for more information, or check out the video to hear the model in action.

RRP – USD 1199.99

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by Jef

One response to “The Fender Boxer Stratocaster HH from the ’80s returns”

  1. Andy Funnell says:

    A good-lookin’ 80’s shredtastic guitar without a Floyd Rose? Give me a break! The reissued Fender Leads looked snazzy to, but again no Floyd Rose, although at least I seem to remember the Lead was a 70’s era design, so that at least is excusable IMHO…

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