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Klavis Grainity VCF

Klavis Grainity VCF  ·  Source: Klavis


Klavis is introducing the world’s first granular voltage control filter. Grainity slices and reassembles filtered elements from incoming audio. 



It’s completely analogue and can generate up to 13 filter modes and variations. There are two filters inside: a regular multimode VCF and this granular VCF that runs in parallel. You have separate outputs for each and also a mix output which is manually and CV controllable. You’ve got your regular cutoff and resonance controls on a pair of sliders.

So, the granular part. The granular VCF consists of audio-rate slicing and reassembling bits of filter elements from the incoming audio according to a pattern and a rate. The rate is extracted from the cycle of the audio although you can bypass that by patching in an alternative signal. You can then choose from the 13 modes of how the audio will be reassembled. The cycle rate can be divided down and it ends up resembling a pattern sequencer. There’s also something about tracking which creates an alternative cycle for intervals and detuning.

What could it possibly sound like? Well, it sounds like a filter crossed with wavetable modulation. It gets really interesting as you divide down and find juddering granular scanning and slicing.


While technologically fascinating it would be great to hear a more musical demo.

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More Information

Grainity should be available this year all being well for around €300.

Klavis Grainity VCF

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