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Mordax GXN

Mordax GXN  ·  Source: analogue zone


Mordax has always been all about the Data – their oscilloscope module that features in every modular YouTuber’s video. Not anymore. It’s about to become all about the GXN Granular Synthesis System which looks very interesting indeed.


GXN Granular Synthesis System

It has five knobs, a load of patch points and a whopping great big screen for displaying waveforms. You load up a sample and then fiddle with the start points, length and density of grains. The guy in the video does an awful lot of fiddling to produce something that sounds a bit like the Music Thing Radio Music.

Yeah, so, he’s scrubbing through that audio in a granular styli while trying to come up with something interesting to say about it. It could be awesome, looks fabulous and is probably expensive.

Here’s a closer look from an Instagram. See below for a walkthrough video which doesn’t really walk through anything.


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Mordax GXN

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