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ADDAC112  ·  Source: ADDAC


The ADDAC112 doubles up on modules to form a Eurorack signal looper and granular sampler that fills a conceptually deep 45HP.



It looks a bit bewildering but once you’ve broken it down into form and function it all starts to come together. Why two modules? Because they’ve taken out all the inputs and outputs and put them into a separate module. This means you can put it up out of the way somewhere with all the cables and focus on the looper and granular sections. ADDAC System says that they wanted more space between controls and so had to go for some extra width.

Looping and granulising

The Looper engine deals with realtime recording. You can record overdub and play loops. Every recording goes into a list which can be accessed at any time you can step up and down through your loops. You’ve got controls over different record modes like overdub and punch-in, you can set record delays and record probability so it doesn’t always capture the bit you expect. You can pitch it, set decay and reverse the playback.


The Granular engine acts upon the buffer of whatever loop is selected. You can have up to 32 grains active, you can play with the position of the play head, the grain size and the intermitency. You can push the pitch, direction, put in repeats, panning and volume changes. All of it subject to voltage controlled deviation.

Inputs and outputs

You have 2 pairs of inputs. 2 mono inputs at synth level and a stereo input at line level. They are all mixed to mono to enter the looper. At the other end you get a stereo output and a mono output. Everything else is voltage control points over the many parameters.

What no video?

On paper it sounds complex and interesting with lots of hands-on and modulatable control but unfortunately, there’s no sound or video demos to clue us in to the usability. They say it’s easy to grasp and I hope it is.

The ADDAC112 will be out in March for €540.

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