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MXR EVH5150 Chorus pedal

MXR EVH5150 Chorus pedal  ·  Source: MXR


MXR has chosen Summer NAMM to reveal officially its new EVH5150 Chorus, based on the pedal used by Eddie Van Halen on tracks like Pretty Woman and Diver Down.


The new MXR EVH5150 Chorus is, at first glance, quite a large pedal. It’s similar in size to the EVH flanger of the same series. I reckon it could have been a bit smaller, as it takes up a lot of space for a pedal with so few controls, but more on that later. But you must also remember that Eddie’s original source for the chorus on those records was the somewhat massive Roland DC-30 Chorus-Echo!

Roland DC 30, Eddie's original source for chorus

Roland DC 30, Eddie’s original source for chorus

Diver Down

In preparation for the launch, MXR lent one of these to guitarist Pete Thorn, so there is a very good official demo video (below). Check it out if you’re interested in this new pedal. Pete does a good, concise demo that covers all the functions. The controls consist of Intensity, Tone and Volume knobs, plus Input (-20,-35 or -50dB) and Output (-20 or 35dB) pad switches on either side. These two pad switches are possibly why the pedal so wide.

EVH 5150 Chorus inside

EVH 5150 Chorus inside, okay it is pretty full.

Classic Stereo Chorus

There’s also an internal True/Buffered Bypass switch, so there is more going on with this simple looking pedal than first meets the eye. It provides both mono and stereo outputs on the unit, so you can get a nice stereo spread, which makes this a more flexible modulation pedal than some of competing units. The MXR5150 Chorus will run from either a 9V power supply or a battery.

I like the sound on the demo, it sounds quite full and not too much wobble. And it isn’t cheap. But, then again, it isn’t as ridiculously priced as the new EVH ’78 Eruption series of guitars!

RRP – GBP 212.99

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MXR EVH5150 Chorus pedal

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