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For your Eurorack enclosure needs, Stromboxes are configurable, modular and expandable and come either assembled or flat pack, raw or oiled.


Choosing a case for your modules is one of the trickier parts of working with Eurorack. Get something that fits what you have now leaves no room for that next module but really is the case ever going to big enough? Is there an easy way to start small and get larger as your system grows? Strombox think they might have an answer.

Strombox is a system of straightforward Eurorack boxes that can be combined and assembled into different configurations that can rapidly expand when the need arises. The basic units are the SB-1 84HP wide 3U box and the SB-2 that takes it to 6U. Using a stand made from a pair of side pieces you can arrange any two of the boxes on top of each other to form a stack taking you up from 3U to a tall 12U.

At the base of the system, there’s room for a rather useful draw for all your patch cables and bits and bobs. This can also accommodate a shallower 3U skiff taking the total up to 15U of rack space.

The whole Strombox system is based around a width of 84HP and so favours height over width which, for me, is actually more useful in terms of desktop space.


The boxes look decent in their raw oak veneered 6mm MDF provided you’re a fan of square angles. You can varnish or paint them yourself or you can pay extra to have them sanded and oiled before they arrive. The boxes have a power plate for access to an internal power supply and you can have them with or without rails.

These are looking pretty great to me. I really like how you can angle a pair of 3U boxes and how you could probably sneak a sequencer or a couple of pedals into the drawer. It’s also good to see a company taking on the idea of expanding and staying with a brand to build a consistent aesthetic.

They claim to be cost-effective which is always a tall order in Eurorack and boutique case makers. The basic SB-1 with rails is £120 which is more than the Moog 104HP case but less than the Arturia RackBrute although you’ll also need a power supply. The 9U low-cost Doepfer case is about the same as combining an SB-1 and SB-2 with a power supply but they are made of very different materials. Opting for extras like the stand and tray do pump up the price a bit.

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2 responses to “Strombox: Modular cases for modular synthesizers”

  1. Jussi says:

    These look great, but I’m sorry when did MDF become “finest”?

  2. Daniel Calado says:

    So the thing is modular itself. Great idea.

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