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NONO Modular cases

NONO Modular cases  ·  Source: NONO Modular cases

NONO Modular Lander folded

NONO Modular Lander folded  ·  Source: NONO Modular

Eurorack is always about the case. Building or buying a case for a studio based Eurorack is one thing, finding something sensible to take your rack out on the road in is something completely different. NONO Modular believe they have a solution and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to drum up some pre-orders on their Space Case series of foldable, compact Eurorack cases.

NONO Modular

Travelling with Eurorack can be a complete pain in the arse. There’s fragility and weight, having something rugged enough to keep those knobs intact while being small enough to carry and yet can house your performance rig. NONO Modular solve this problem with 3 cases designed and built in Brianza, Italy.

Lander 3.84

Top of the heap is the Lander 3.84 which offers 3 whole rows of 84hp (see what they’ve done with the name – clever!). It somehow manages to fold down into a trunk of 47x29x20 cm. Where you take the upright section off there’s a padded space, big enough for cables, a power brick, maybe a stomp box or two. It comes complete with an Arrel Audio ER 150 power module and bus boards. It’s just over 5kg when empty.

NONO Modular Lander

NONO Modular Lander

Orbiter 2.84

This gives you a flatter, more console style format with 2 lots of 84hp. It folds down to 47x29x15.5 cm and weighs only 4kgs. It also comes with an Arrel power module and bus boards.

NONO Modular Orbiter

NONO Modular Orbiter

Rover 1.60

You’ve guessed it, it’s a single row of 60hp in the Rover. A mini case by all accounts with an Arrel power supply and single bus board. For “rapid tricks” they built in two piezo pads into the lid, which sounds like fun – probably. This is only 34.5×15.5×9 cm when folded, weighs under 3kgs and comes with a shoulder strap.

NONO Modular Rover

NONO Modular Rover


All three are built with “new materials and high-quality mechanics” (evolved MDF) and can be folded while patched.

Great design, great angle with the whole space theme. They look like they mean business, like a lot of thought has gone into the design and folding mechanisms. Really rather good and totally fulfill their remit of providing a decent case solution for the travelling modular musician.

There are two things that concern me a little. First of all, the Arrel power supply comes with a switch and plug panel that steals 4hp from your rack. If you are designing a case then surely build in the power supply so it’s integrated? Secondly, I’m not sure if Kickstarter is a smart move. They are great cases and I would definitely be interested in getting one at some point, but Kickstarter needs you to buy one now and I’m not sure there’ll be enough people who are performing with Eurorack who need a case in the next 3 weeks. They’ve sold 3 so far.

The Rover starts at €160, the Orbiter from €240 and the Lander is €660 for the early birds. Delivery is looking like September/October time.

More information on the Kickstarter page or the NONO website.

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