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4ms Pods

4ms Pods  ·  Source: 4ms


4ms has released some images of the “Coming soon” 4ms Pods. These are compact, portable and very cool Eurorack enclosures with integrated and daisy-chainable power supplies. 


4ms Pods

These are a fabulous idea. Even after Eurorack has made it to the mainstream of electronic music gear it’s still a bit of a task to get the right sort of case and power supply. Often the price and size commitment is a bit overwhelming. These Pods are the perfect way to dip your toe in the modular water. Stick in a module or two and start patching. Need to expand? Then add another Pod and daisy chain the power supply. It doesn’t have to be just for newbies, these could make for a versatile way to include a few of your modules into a live set – rather than bringing a whole, heavy rack.

4ms Pods

4ms Pods · Source: 4ms

The Pods will be available in 20HP, 26HP and 32HP widths. The only slight reservation is that the depth is only 1.34″ which could be a little shallow for some modules.


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The prices are not too bad – this is Eurorack after all. The Pod20 is $99, the Pod26 $109 and the Pod32 $119. That’s for the powered version. You can get them unpowered for about $50 less but then you’d have to add a power module. There’s an image of one with a 4ms Row Power 40 installed – but one of those would cost about 3 times the difference in price for a powered one. Plus it costs you space so that makes no sense. You’ll also need to factor in the price of a power brick.

As a way of incorporating a bit of modular into a desktop setup, these are completely genius. Great for synth-meets, great for live performance and great for dabbling in Eurorack.

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4ms Pods

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One response to “4ms Pods: mini modular cases for holding a Eurorack module or two”

    Chris Burn says:

    great idea, too shallow for many Eurorack modules. Shame. There is a market out there for small racks!

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