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Ginko/Error Raw Army Case

Ginko/Error Raw Army Case  ·  Source: Ginko/Error

Jan Willem, the man behind modular makers GinkoSynthese, has come across a shed load of old army cases. They found 100 that were in good enough condition to use for something interesting. That project has become The Raw Army Eurorack Case, a collaboration between GinkoSynthese and Error Instruments, and has just launched on Kickstarter.

The Raw Army Eurorack Case

They look totally brilliant. A mixture of vintage, industrial and military aesthetic perfectly suited to the hipster vibe that modular synthesis inevitably drags around with itself. It’s also a perfect solution for gigging with modular – you couldn’t get a safer or more rugged enclosure.

The boxes are perfectly sized to fit two rows of 114HP. The rails and a Meanwell RT65B power supply will be fitted and the busboard will have 30 headers to power your modules. The PSU has been proven over a long time to happily power over 228HP of modular. The cases have 3 handles and recessed locks and the lid is deep enough to let you keep your patch wired up.

Ginko/Error Raw Army Case

Ginko/Error Raw Army Case

The cases are up-cycled army cases. These cases are made for the German army in the seventies and are made to withstand the most critical situations. These cases are now over 40 years old and still in near mind condition, you will be able to rock on with these cases forever.

They are keen to point out that although the cases are sound they will vary in terms of external writing, scratches and wear and tear – but that’s what makes them awesome.

Ginko/Error Raw Army Case

Ginko/Error Raw Army Case

There will only be 100 ever made and to get into this exclusive club you’ll need to pledge €350. For €450 you’ll also get a limited edition Error Instruments Raw Data module and the Error/Ginko Drums in black. Be mindful of the cost of shipping as these weigh around 10kg. It appears to be €30 to most of Europe and €90 to the rest of the world. They are estimating delivery for May.

So far it looks like 7 have gone although they might have set up the pledges a bit weirdly as they could end up with orders for 300. Hopefully, they’ll work that out before getting into trouble.

More information

  • Raw Army Eurorack Case Kickstarter page.


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