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Strandberg Sälen - Modern headless T-Type guitar

Strandberg Sälen - Modern headless T-Type guitar  ·  Source: YouTube/Strandberg

Swedish luthier Strandberg has added a new Telecaster styled model to their lineup, this headless design is called the Sälen and blends classic with modern in a very unique way.

Strandberg Sälen

The new Strandberg Sälen is the latest in the company’s lineup of headless instruments and combines modern high-tech guitar design with classic ’50s retro Telecaster styling and tones. There are two models are available in this style – an alder/swamp ash-bodied Sälen and also the maple-top Sälen Deluxe. Both guitars have the company’s patented EndurNeck design and utilise lightweight modern aerospace-grade hardware.

Strandberg Sälen

Strandberg Sälen

Classic Styling?

Each Sälen guitar uses a pair of Suhr Classic T bridge and neck pickups and these aim to give you those classic vintage Telecaster tones.  The swamp ash models come with roasted birdseye maple fretboards and the alder bodied models come with pau ferro fretboards instead.

I like the use of traditional wood combinations for these T-type guitars and even though they look very modern they appear in the official demo videos to have enough Tele style twang to make them a viable modern take on those classic ’50s instruments.

Of course, if you are a Telecaster traditionalist then you will probably not enjoy the aesthetic of these very modern looking guitars. However, if you close your eyes and listen to these guitars, then you cannot deny their heritage tonally. In a weird way, I kind of like them visually and wouldn’t mind trying one out at some point myself, as I love Telecasters and this to me looks like a fun guitar to play.

The Sälen comes in either an Ice Blue Metallic or a more ‘traditional’ Classic Trans Butterscotch whilst the Sälen Deluxe comes in either Deluxe Candy Apple Red or Deluxe Vintage Burst.


RRP – Sälen USD $1,795 and Sälen Deluxe USD 2,195 

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