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Boss Strandberg Boden Prototype Guitar NAMM 2017

Boss Strandberg Boden Prototype Guitar NAMM 2017  ·  Source:

Boss has collaborated with Strandberg Boden guitars on a new, slightly insane V-Guitar prototype. This modern mash-up of virtual guitar technology and progressive guitar design is being premiered at the NAMM Show this weekend. Are we witnessing the birth of a new legend in prog-focussed guitars?


Only two versions of this instrument exist in the whole world as yet, but it looks as though this may well be getting a general release in the near future. Premier Guitar has just released a video of this crazy instrument and it is something I think you should really all check out.

Pushing boundaries

I can only imagine what Adrian Belew is thinking right now, as he would be exactly the sort of modern musician that could use this to kind of guitar. It seems capable of drop tunings, synth-like fuzz and full octave down  – all in real time. With its very modern guitar design, this guitar could be a lot of fun for many progressive guitarists.

We will be keeping a close eye on this one throughout 2017!


by Jef