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Fern Guitars is a one-man operation based in Virginia, USA. The company has a unique take on dealing with tonewoods, allowing players to swap out core parts, so that they can experiment with their tone.


Fern Guitars Phoenix

At the time of writing, the Fern Guitars Phoenix model is only a prototype. It is essentially a guitar with a body that allows you to swap out a core section. This section houses the guitar’s pickups that are fitted to a specific tonewood core, which can then be swapped out as one whole piece. The concept of a modular guitar is not entirely new, however, it is uncommon to see one using tonewoods, instead of the usual plastics or other synthetic materials.

Fern Guitars Phoenix

Fern Guitars Phoenix · Source: Fern Guitars

Tonewood Modules

Theoretically, each module should give you a whole new guitar sound and allow players to experiment with different wood and pickup combinations. There might even possibly be further configurations for wiring, MIDI and more.

Truly Custom Guitars?

There may also be scope for you to buy blank modules, so that you can go wild and create your own specific custom guitar setup. In this instance, I suppose you could completely customise your own guitar and experiment with how it sounds. This is a pretty interesting take on the conventional approach to guitar design and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

As of now, however, we have just the one prototype, and we will all have to wait and see what happens. The theory is sound though, and if executed well and priced correctly, the guitar could be a potential winner. You can use the link below to sign up and find out more about this project and get informed when it eventually moves into production phase.


For now, check out the official demo video below to hear the Phoenix prototype guitar in action.


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One response to “Fern Guitars Phoenix prototype guitar with swappable tonewood cores”

    E L says:

    Swapable pickups, that’s kinda cool, maybe even slightly useful for the right person in the right use case. But I’m not buying the whole “tonewood cores” thing. The cores may be tonewood, by the part of the body that attaches to the neck is plywood. And Being an integral part of the guitar, with the neck and bridge attached, that plywood is going to affect the tone a lot more than any piece of “tonewood” that’s somehow attached to it.

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