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SmithsonMartin / Touch Innovations website

SmithsonMartin / Touch Innovations website  ·  Source:


SmithsonMartin have for many years been producing high-end multi-touch surfaces for DJ’s and studios. But today things seem to have changed.


Update 23rd June: Apparently they are moving to the new name in order to broaden their product range and markets into areas that won’t be familiar with Smithson or Martin.

A casual surf over to now redirects to with all the same content, products and pages. On all the legal terms and conditions and “About Us” page it appears that the word SmithsonMartin has simply been replaced by Touch Innovations. However, the social media account links still all point to SmithsonMartin properties.

Touch Innovations KS32

SmithsonMartin or Touch Innovations KS32

Touch Innovations

Twitter and Facebook hadn’t been updated since last week until a few minutes ago when some specs arrived for their new KS32. No indication that anything had changed. Searching through the tweet and Facebook history revealed no mention of Touch Innovations. Looking closer at some of the images you can see the words Touch Innovations emblazoned on the side. The earliest image with these words was from the 14th June. It’s a little weird because they are right in the middle of launching the Kontrol Master that I wrote an article on a week or so ago. They’ve also recently started offering finance for their products. So it seems a strange time to change companies.

Smithson Martin or Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

Smithson Martin or Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

SmithsonMartin’s CEO Alan Smithson also seems to have moved on, although according to his LinkedIn profile he left over a year ago, and is now heavily into VR technology. According to a Corporation Search Touch Innovations LLC was registered in Florida about two weeks ago.

My enquiries as to what the heck is going on have so far been ignored but if any more information arises I’ll be sure to update you. I’m sure it’s nothing, just a change of name or something, but the way it’s been sort of sneaked out as opposed to celebrated is a bit concerning.

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SmithsonMartin / Touch Innovations website

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