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Touch Innovation XG

Touch Innovation XG  ·  Source: Touch Innovation


Touch Innovations (formerly SmithsonMartin) have released a new version of their premium Emulator DJ controller rig. It’s called XG and you are going to want one of these babies to impress your mates at your next DJ gig.



XG uses a seamless, all-glass body with a 39″ projective capacitive touch display that looks “da business“. It works via back projection onto the transparent screen from a data projector hidden in the base. Surrounding this “pedestal of posh” your adoring fans will be able to see you through it and witness every manipulation you make to the software. It’s important to note that this is just a MIDI controller and so you’ll need to connect it up to Traktor or whatever DJ software you are hoping to use.

The XG Pro version, weighing in at an eye-watering $6895, comes with an Intel-based Windows PC built into the base for running your software and hosting your tunes. The XG Lite (a snip at $5999) comes without a PC so you’ll have to supply your own laptop.

The Elite version which came before the XG emerges from an integrated flight case, giving it a good working DJ vibe. The XG has more of a feel of a shopping mall information kiosk. And in fact that’s one of the applications they highlight as a feature. Maybe a DJ could rent it out to Bluewater or Lakeside during the down season. Either way, you could have a very posh game of Crossy Road or Candy Crush on it.


The key to Touch Innovations hardware is in the software. Emulator has reached version 2 and is also available separately. The great thing about Emulator is that you can build your own MIDI and OSC touch controller to control whatever you want. Unfortunately, there are no templates or examples to follow for anything other than DJ software, and no manual or documentation. I’ve been an enthusiastic user of version 1 but sadly I can’t get version 2 to let me load a template or build a new one. Hopefully, if you buy the XG Pro they would have got it working for you. Templates are also extra, but if you are spending the best part of 7 thousand dollars you’d hope they’d throw the odd one it, otherwise you may have to budget for another $6.

There’s no doubt that you will look “da bomb” at a superstar DJ party if you turn up with one of these on the back of a truck. It’s the knobby, posh, over-compensating, DJ-ing version of an iPhone X. Fabulous for your creative performers, trendy superstar vicars and private school head teachers. Let’s hope no one spills their beer into it.

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They really need to make a video of the XG in action. Otherwise here’s a weirdly silent promo for the Elite version which should give you an idea of the intended market.


Touch Innovation XG

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    umadbro says:

    It doesn’t have knobs so it’s not “knobby”

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