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The Guitgun, a 12 gauge shotgun and slide guitar  ·  Source:


The Rev. Peyton recently released a video on YouTube of his new three-string shotgun guitar! Yes, this could only be invented in America.

Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band has co-designed a three-string slide guitar based around a shotgun. He was aided by Bryan Fleming, who apparently is an expert custom pickup designer and the man that custom-wound the pickup for the ‘Guitgun’.


Well, if you have the enough time on your hands and  the inclination, then anything is possible… I have to admit it is pretty funny, but also in equal amounts a little worrying that they would combine the two and make this. They must have lots of spare time in Indiana, but you’d better clap or you may be in the firing line.

You can also check out the Rev. Peyton’s band here



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