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RTW MM3 MusicMeter - Front

RTW MM3 MusicMeter - Front  ·  Source: RTW


What do you use for monitoring your levels, checking peaks and calculating how loud your music really is? Many of us in this modern digital world probably use plugins, and we’ve seen some great metering plugins released this year for free. Why then do we need a separate device at an additional cost? Well, I for one would love to have the extra screen real-estate, keeping an eye on my levels at all times. If this turns out to be as affordable as they’re suggesting, I can see the MM3 MusicMeter proving really popular.


RTW enters MI market with the MM3 MusicMeter

RTW metering products can be seen in studios across the globe, mostly being used in broadcast and post production scenarios. Unfortunately most hardware metering devices are typically quite expensive and therefore don’t always make it to music studios, especially private or home facilities. RTW are hoping that the MM3 MusicMeter will be the product to change this, announcing it will be available soon and at an affordable price.

The MM3 MusicMeter will offer inputs for analog, SPDIF and USB. An SPDIF output will deliver a buffered stereo signal, or a downmix from a 5.1 stream which could prove very useful for those mixing in surround. The screen will apparently feature a vectorscope, PPM/TruePeak, VU and real-time loudness measurements. These analysers will be displayed in both numerical and graphical forms with zoom modes on a small touch-screen. This all sounds ideal, I just hope it also features a simple stereo phase meter as well as the vectorscope.

I really like the look of this product and I am curious to find out more information, specifications and of course the price! For me, I’d really appreciate the extra screen-age in the studio, for constant visual feedback of my levels without relying on plugins. It’s also attractive to me for live sound work too, as it could become a metering system I would recognise on any job, in any location.

Watch this space!

There isn’t any information available on RTW’s website yet, but keep an eye as I imagine it won’t be long. There isn’t any indication of pricing or shipping information either yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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