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TBProAudio dpMeter II

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dpMeter has proved to be a very successful plugin by TBProAudio, delivering a visually clear loudness meter. For free. The plugin can be used on stereo and surround sound sources, measuring RMS, EBU R 128 and true peak levels. Thankfully it remains free with version 2, adding manual loudness matching.


dpMeter II Features

dpMeter is a really concise metering plugin for stereo through to 4.0, 4.1 and 5.1 surround sound sources. It gives clear readings for a true intersample peak measurement based on ITU 1770, an RMS value and all necessary EBU R 128 readings. The RMS values show integrated, momentary, peak and true peak figures. Of course, it’s the new EBU R 128 values that make more sense and for me are the main selling point of this plugin. As you would expect it provides integrated, momentary, short term, true pack and dynamic loudness range values based on the EBU R 128 standard.

The plugin also offers a few other tricks including continuous or synced measurements, and the ability to record the metering results as automation data which are features really aimed at post production professionals. Even if you’re working in music only these are still handy to have, and we all end up being involved in video, film or broadcast material from time to time. The new feature in version 2 however, is the ability to manually match loudness to a given reference level, using the plugin’s easy-to-read meters.

dpMeter II will run on Windows and Mac systems in virtually any host software or DAW, with 64-bit internal processing. It can be used in 32-bit or 64-bit applications as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX or even RTAS formats. Since its release there have already been a number of bug fixes as they’ve been discovered, so this should be a very stable plugin now.

More Information and Free Download

For more information and to download dpMeter II, visit the TBProAudio webpage. It’s amazing that this plugin is free, easily being the best free loudness meter currently available.


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