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TBProAudio FinaLoud

 ·  Source: TB Software

TBProAudio released FinalLoud, a loudness and True Peak finalizer tool designed to help you reach a specific target loudness level during the mastering stage. FinalLoud combines a gain control, a True Peak limiter, and a loudness meter – the gain control helps you reach the target loudness level while the limiter ensures True Peak ceiling.


Four measurement methods are provided – EBU IL/SL, Max, RMS IL/SL Max. Reference levels are adjustable and so is the True Peak ceiling level. Note how huge the meters are on the plug-in’s interface and how intuitively it all comes together.

FinalLoud looks like a fantastic tool for mastering engineers, and it’s available at a very modest price – only 29 EUR plus VAT. The plug-in can be had in VST/AU/RTAS/AAX formats for 32- and 64-bit computers. A free demo version is available where the plug-in mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period.

FinalLoud has a particular workflow to it that’s worth having a closer look at. Things begin by selecting a preset and setting the Sync and FulLScale buttons to On. Proceed by setting your DAW’s time locators according to the audio file and let it play until the end. As soon as it stops, hit FinalLoud’s Match Target button to calculate the gain difference to the target level and set the gain accordingly.

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