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REVV Northern Mauler - Glenn Fricker (Spectre Sound) Signature Distortion

REVV Northern Mauler - Glenn Fricker (Spectre Sound) Signature Distortion  ·  Source: REVV


The REVV Northern Mauler is a distortion pedal with the Swedish chainsaw in spirit. Combining a Boss HM2 tone and pushing it further. This is also the signature effect of Glenn Fricker, a YouTuber who is known for his no holds barred opinions and metal guitar recording background.


REVV Northern Mauler

The REVV Northern Mauler is a distortion that takes the infamous Boss HM2 circuit and combines it with a new high-gain circuit – which can be continuously faded. Thus, it is a 2-in-1 pedal, but it is always connected in serial.

REVV Northern Mauler

HM-2 Swedish Chainsaw tones on steroids?

Swedish Chainsaw

Soundwise, it goes towards the Swedish metal end of the spectrum, in terms of gain, so chainsaw buzz tones are aplenty here.

For the HM2 portion, the Bite and Growl (Treble, Bass) controls are available. The REVV part gets a 3-band EQ.Blend, Volume and Giv’r are used together. The latter is the gain control for both circuits.

The pedal is ideally designed for clean amps, but can also be used in front of an amp with some gain. As with anything like this, apply the pedal how you like and get the sound you want. Break rules, push the thing into meltdown mode and go have some fun with it!

Made in Canada

These are built in Canada and like all REVV gear, I am expecting it to be pretty bulletproof and designed to tour with. I think Mr Fricker made a sensible decision to work with REVV; they make high-quality gear and so these should do well. This is also their second signature pedal and follows on from the Tilt Overdrive for Shawn Tubbs.

YouTube Apocalypse Tones?

Another YouTuber, Ola Englund has just released his own signature Chug pedal; it would appear that ridiculously brutal high-gain tones are in vogue for the end of 2022. Could it be a signal for some kind of world apocalypse?

I can see these YouTube metal guys all dishing out down-tuned riffs as the world burns, whilst streaming to a live audience. Glenn Fricker is funny as hell and I know he pisses off a lot of people. But I like him, as he has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it. Plus, he can usually back up what he is ranting about.

MSRP – EUR 279*. 

Revv Northern Mauler

Revv Northern Mauler

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REVV Northern Mauler - Glenn Fricker (Spectre Sound) Signature Distortion

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