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Revv G2 pedal

Revv G2 pedal  ·  Source: Revv Amps

The Canadian company Revv is above all known for its Generator tube heads. In 2018, the company released its first pedal, the G3. It went on to introduce the G4 at NAMM this year, a high-gain pedal aimed at metal and hard rock players. The G2 is a different, perhaps tamer, animal and captures a particular Revv amp sound in a stompbox.

Revv G2

The sound of the G2 is based on the Green Channel of the Revv amplifiers. It’s all about dynamics and a “creamy” crunch. When used in conjunction with the volume control your guitar, it should get you a wide range of sounds. I suppose it would behave more as though it’s part of your amp, like having another channel available. This pedal might be most attractive for those running a rig with a one-channel amp, or those needing another tonal option.

Revv G2 pedal

Revv G2 pedal

Amp in a box?

The G3 has three different drive modes, going all the way from boost to “amp in a box”. Listening to the demos, it sounds transparent in the low gain settings but you can also get some high-gain lead sounds, too. Revv has included a 3-band EQ with bass, mids and highs. The audio examples in the linked videos sound delicious!

Value for money?

The Revv G2 costs USD 229. Compared to the new Robert Keeley ‘modded’ Maxon OD808-40K 40th Anniversary pedal this is a bargain! It also appears to be more flexible, with its 3-band EQ and various gain settings, potentially making a lot more versatile.

If you are looking for a neat, medium gain overdrive pedal with amp-like tones then the new Revv G2 is definitely worth checking out. Watch the videos below to hear it in action.

RRP – USD 229

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