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Revv G20 Lunchbox Amp head

Revv G20 Lunchbox Amp head  ·  Source: Revv Amplification


Revv is come up with a high-gain version if its D20 lunch-box amp. The new G20 packs in plenty of features and has enough gain on tap to let your crushing riffs come alive.


High-gain lunchbox amp

This new Revv G20 lunchbox amp is aimed at players that need more gain but want a flexible, compact setup with pro features. It uses  Two Notes’ Torpedo modelling and has onboard virtual cabinets, virtual mics, speakers and EQ. Plus, there’s a built-in reverb for direct recording and live performance. Or you can just play using a set of headphones, but with a big high-gain sound to give you some lift. Nice.

The G20 has MIDI control over channel switching, voices and the Two Notes settings. Players can also use an optional preset footswitch.

REVV G20 feature packed high gain lunchbox amp

REVV G20 feature packed high gain lunchbox amp with a packed rear panel · Source: Revv Amplification


While this is a tube amp, there’s a focus here on using more modern technology to give it far more flexibility than a standard tube amp head. This two-channel amplifier has a clean and distortion channel and delivers 20 Watts of power, which can be reduced to 4 Watts if required. Both channels share an EQ, which is a slight compromise, but I could live with it.


The flexibility of this Canadian-made amp comes in the combination of Torpedo along with the G20’s reactive load direct mode. So you can use the Pre/Post switch to select whether the power amp is in the signal chain or not. You can then use the virtual amps to change the tonal character of the amp when required. Check out Ola Englund giving it the once over in the video below.

RRP – GBP 1129 / USD 1299 / EUR 1299 due out in February

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Revv G20 Lunchbox Amp head

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