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REVV D20  ·  Source: REVV Amplification

The modern guitarist wants an authentic tube sound they can easily output via XLR in conjunction with a cab sim. Throw in a load box and you get… The new D20 multi-role lunchbox amp from REVV!


At a nice 4.1 kg, the new D20 compact head by REVV is its first tube amp based on the Dynamics model. It delivers 20 watts into 4 or 8 ohms. This means it isn’t just a high-gain one trick pony, but rather a neutral platform for further sound-shaping with pedals. The preamp is powered by two 12AX7s and can be adjusted with the Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume controls. If 20 watts is too much for your home, you can press the small button on the front and continue playing at a neighbour-friendly 4 watts instead.


Two Notes Torpedo

The D20 also has the Two Notes’ reactive load and virtual cabinet emulations built in. Two Notes is known for its simulation of loudspeakers, so this feature is a great addition for players needing a versatile amp. The REVV D20 has been equipped with a reactive load box, letting you play without a loudspeaker. Instead, you can pick one of 6 cab sims and send out  your sound via the XLR balanced output. Or plug in your headphones and practice silently. You also get a buffered series FX Loop, so it will play nicely with your pedals.

A total of 128 cabs can be accessed via MIDI with the USB interface that also supports direct recording. The D20 can be fine-tuned via the Two Notes software which gives you access to a selection of speakers, mics, microphone position, EQ and reverb. As the owner of a D20 you also get a lifelong access to the Wall of Sound plug-in. A pretty impressive package, all in all.

RRP – EUR 1199

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