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Accusonus Regroover

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“Unmixing” is not always something that springs to mind when making music. However with so much of our raw material made up of loops and samples the ability to pull them apart could be quite interesting. Accusonus believe that their Regroover software can extract previously unreachable sound elements and let you unmix and then regroove your samples.



The basic idea is that Regroover can pull out all the parts of a drum loop – kick, snare, hats etc. – and let you mix and process them as separate layers. They are calling Regroover an “Artificial-Intelligence beat machine”. Well, it’s certainly bloody clever.

You can use it to isolate and remove elements in a drum loop, or pull out just the hats to use somewhere else. You could re-arrange elements within a groove to generate whole new patterns and feels. Mix the levels of the layers to bring up the kick or reduce the snare. The A.I. engine gives you the opportunity to push it into capturing micro rhythms and hidden grooves – it can make something new with your tired old loops and library. Another possibility is being able to pull out and replace drum sounds. Regroover also supports MIDI control although it’s not very clear from the website how this works. (Update) I got in touch with Accusonus who tell me that each layer is allocated a MIDI note, so you can trigger them individually.

Essential or Pro

Accusonus are releasing two versions – Regroover Essential and Pro. Essential is available now for $79 (usual price $99) and Pro will be released in November for $199, or $149 if you pre-order now. If you order Pro you’ll get Essential to play with in the meantime. The main difference between the two is to do with Expansion Kits. Unfortunately there’s bugger all information on what these are. It talks about an expansion kit editor with 16 sample pads so presumably it lets you build drum kits from the loop layers. (Update) Further investigation reveals that in the Pro version any portion of any layer can be dragged and dropped into an “Expansion Kit”. The kit can then be played via MIDI and further external samples can be added to the kit. These kits can only be created in the Pro version whereas the Essential version can only load and play them.

The whole idea seems really interesting and for the most part pretty self evident in what it can do. Accusonus could do with putting out a few more videos and examples of the software in use. I think it could be a lot more useful and creative than the current information suggests. So come on Accusonus, do yourself and favour and tell us more about it! And they did – thanks for the updates!

To find out more you can always download the demo and find out for yourself. Head over to the Regroover website.


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Accusonus Regroover

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