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Quilter Bass Block 800 bass amp head

Quilter Bass Block 800 bass amp head  ·  Source:

The new Quilter Amplification Bass Block 800 bass amp head is an ultra-compact lightweight head with plenty of power on tap that aims to make it easy for you to cart it around to various gigs. 


It’s very small, in fact. The Bass Block 800 is so small you wouldn’t think it was up to the job. It weighs only 3.75 Pounds, but it can put out 800 Watts at 4 ohms, so it has, in fact, got plenty of power available. I was surprised at how well specified it was for such a small head.

You can get any of the following outputs from the Bass Block 800: 225 Watts-16 Ohms, 450 Watts-8 ohms, 800-watts, 4 ohms. That is pretty impressive. You also get Gain, Depth, Contour and Master controls on the front panel for tailoring your bass tone. Not a huge amount of controls, but more than enough to dial in a good bass sound I would imagine.

Ins & Outs

They have managed to squeeze in two 1/4” jack speaker and Speakon outputs. There are also two Active/Passive/Post Pre-amp Direct inputs as well. Not bad for such a tiny little head. I’m impressed they got a Speakon output connector on there as well, as it doesn’t look like there is that much room on the chassis.

Another useful feature, I thought, was that it will work on any voltage worldwide, so great for taking on a plane and doing gigs abroad. Just let the venue know you’ll need a cab when you get there and carry your bass rig in your luggage!

Small portable bass amp heads are all the rage at the moment and this new one certainly looks like it could be viable for anyone looking for something flexible and portable. I have yet to hear any reports from players, but it could be one to look out for if you are in the market for a gigging bass head.

RRP USD $599

Quilter Amplification Bass Block 800 full specification here


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