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Milkman Sounds The Amp. 50-watt amp in a pedal

Milkman Sounds The Amp. 50-watt amp in a pedal  ·  Source: MilkMan Sounds/YouTube


Milkman Sound is presenting a new valve amp in a pedal enclosure at the NAMM Show this year – and it looks like it has a few useful features packed into its (just about) pedalboard-compatible format. 


The Amp

This is a 50-Watt power amplifier, which we reckon is Class-D, powered by a 12AX7 in the preamp-stage and has Class-A interconnection.

It comes with a basic 2-band EQ offering bass and treble; there’s also a volume control. Added to this is a master output and three other controls that change the parameters for the built-in Reverb and Tremolo effects using controls labelled Reverb, Depth and Rate.

With outputs on Speakon rated for 50 Watts at 8 Ohms and 100 Watts at 4 Ohms as well as an XLR-Out (Line) and jack output for headphones, there’s enough connectivity to go around. There is also a ‘pedal-level’ output on the amp effect so you can use it on the pedalboard as well, which is really handy and makes it a lot more versatile.

Milkman The Amp

Milkman The Amp · Source: Milkman/Instagram

Milkman Sounds

In my opinion, the USD 799 isn’t exactly cheap – but it is a boutique unit and so it will probably be built in relatively small numbers. You’s also expect the build quality to be good. The success of The Amp will be determined by its sound and how it reacts to player dynamics. I look forward to hearing some reviews soon.


I would be seriously tempted to just use a Line 6 Helix LT if I was worried about carrying less stuff, or perhaps even a Taurus Stomp-Head 5 if I wanted to stick with valves.

For now, I have linked to the official demo video below, which gives a very basic preview/overview of The Amp, but unfortunately, it’s quite superficial, so there’s not much to sink your gear addict teeth into. What you do get to hear does sound rather nice, though.

RRP – USD 799

More Information


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Milkman Sounds The Amp. 50-watt amp in a pedal

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2 responses to “NAMM 2018: Milkman Sound’s The Amp is (nearly) a full valve amp in pedal format”

    William Paxson says:

    Way overpriced for a Class-D/tube hybrid “amp pedal”. I’ll wait for the Chinese copy at a fraction of the price.

    Michael says:

    Pedalboard amplifier is the future for guitarists. The first company in the world to create and produce it is Taurus Amp from Poland and they are called Stomp Head. It is an analogue design of amplifiers that gives a tube sound and power in a small compact housing. I bought SH 5.CE here You can check sound here:

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