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Milkman Sounds Instagram tease

Milkman Sounds Instagram tease  ·  Source: Instagram/Milkman Sounds

Milkman Sound has posted a teaser on Instagram of a new version of its popular amp-in-a-pedal product, The Amp – now in a standard amp head or tabletop format.

Milkman Sound Instagram Tease

If you’ve never heard of The Amp before, you may asking yourself what the big deal is. Well, the first version of The Amp, a 50-Watt guitar amp-in-a-pedal, has gained a strong reputation amongst guitarists for its great sound. It’s based around a simple setup that includes a single 12AX7 running at high voltage in a discrete Class-A circuit for some sweet amp tones, in a portable package. It has a Class D power section which delivers 50 Watts into 8 Ohms, or 100 Watts into 4 Ohms.

Milkman Sound showed its readiness to experiment a bit with the format in January, as news emerged of a 100-Watt version of The Amp. So we know the company has been working on variations on this theme.

Milkman Sounds The Amp. 50-watt amp in a pedal

Milkman Sounds The Amp, a 50-Watt amp-in-a-pedal

“Should this be a thing?”

The teaser on Milkman Sound’s Instagram shows what we assume is a prototype of The Amp in a head/tabletop format. The headline is, “Should this be a thing?” To be honest, I think it probably should. I know many players would like to have The Amp in this format. If you haven’t heard Milkman Sound’s The Amp, check out the the demo video below of the regular pedal format version. It’s pretty darn sweet.

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Should this be a thing? The Amp as head/tabletop 🤔

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