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Billy Duffy teases new prototype Gretsch signature White Falcon main

Billy Duffy teases new prototype Gretsch signature White Falcon main  ·  Source: Instagram/Billy Duffy


The Cult’s Billy Duffy has teased – later confirmed in a video – a brand new signature model White Falcon. This smaller-bodied version of his famous signature model is currently in its prototype phase, so we should see this new guitar in the near future.


New Gretsch Billy Duffy signature model

Billy Duffy has teased an image of a new Gretsch White Falcon with a smaller body that gives his signature guitar a more restrained look. The Cult’s post-punk rock sound was based heavily around Billy’s Gretsch guitar. His existing signature model in white with silver appointments looks pretty amazing.

Billy Duffy playing his new Gretsch White Falcon prototype

Billy Duffy playing his new Gretsch White Falcon prototype

Top Secret

According to Billy’s Instagram post, the new smaller-bodied version was a “Top Secret” project at Gretsch HQ. For now, all we have is the image below, without any details on the guitar’s specification. But you can see it’s got a white finish and, like his signature model guitar, this one also has silver appointments and hardware throughout.


After yesterday’s leak of the new Friedman BE-Mini 30-Watt amp head, this news for a new signature model for Billy Duffy was later confirmed in a Tone-Talk video, on YouTube. Funnily enough, Dave Friedman is on the same show with Billy and they mention the BE-Mini leak before talking about Billy’s new Gretsch model.

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3 responses to “Billy Duffy teases new prototype smaller Gretsch White Falcon model on Instagram”

  1. pfrf says:

    A White Falcon with block position markers, silver sparkle binding, and chrome hardware? Beautiful.
    Hopefully it will be well out of my budget instead of just a little bit out of my budget, which would then tempt me. It’s a dream Gretsch.

  2. James says:

    Not sure what they’re putting in the coffee over at Fender HQ, but they’re doing better than ever in making sure every one of their brands is working with artists to develop good new products and to deliver a wide selection of choices to players at every price point. It’s never been a better time to be a guitarist or, like me, a collector of all things Fender-related.

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