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Friedman BE Mini 30 Watt guitar amplifier new

Friedman BE Mini 30 Watt guitar amplifier leaked  ·  Source:

This new Friedman BE-MINI, 30-Watt amp head has leaked on a dealer site and it looks like this amp is potentially some form of new solid-state head, with Friedman high-gain, British-voiced preamp section. If so, then this is a whole new product range for the boutique tube amp builder.

Leak: Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt Guitar Head

Currently, all the Friedman social media pages are teasing “Something big is on the way” and it looks like a Friedman dealer, Nstuff Music, has accidentally let the cat out of the bag this weekend. They’re isting a new Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt Guitar Head and it appears to be solid-state, as there is no mention of tubes anywhere in the amp’s specifications.


Below is exactly what is written on the dealer site and it is pretty vague of details.

The BE-MINI head combines a 30-watt power section and Dave Friedman’s famous “BE” preamp circuit. The BE-Mini has the same signature British-voiced harmonics, grind, and punch of the legendary BE amplifier’s legendary high-gain tones. The BE-MINI’s compact size, light weight and included effects loop makes the BE-MINI a killer companion whether onstage, at home or in the studio.

The BE-MINI is loaded with player-friendly features including Gain, Level, three band EQ, Presence control and powerful Cut and Tight switches. These tools allow you to tailor the BE-MINI’s character to your preferences. On the back panel, you will find a high-quality series effects loop ideal for using time-based effects with your high-gain tones. The included 24V universal-voltage power-supply means you can take your BE-MINI wherever you travel.

-Authentic Friedman High-Gain, British-Voiced Tones
-30-watt Power Section is Ideal for Most Applications
-Inspired by the Friedman BE-100 Amplifier and BE-OD Overdrive Pedal
-Familiar Control Layout with Gain, Volume and Presence
-Cut and Tight Mini Toggles
-Onboard Series Effects Loop
-Signature Friedman BE Look and Style
-Compact Travel and Studio-Friendly Size
-Universal 24V Power Supply
-Dimensions: 9.5” (w) x 6.25” (d) x 5.25” (h)
-Weight: 4 lbs.

A new mini travel head?

Billed as a compact/travel head with a universal 24V power supply which gives me the impression that it is indeed a solid-state amp head, and potentially it is paired with a Friedman preamp circuit derived from one of his stompboxes. Which would make a lot of sense, as Dave Friedman is very good at getting a real amp-like tone from his line of pedals.


With controls listed as Gain, Level, three-band EQ, Presence along with Cut and Tight switches, and the mention of inspiration including the BE-OD Overdrive Pedal and the BE-100 Amplifier this hybrid amp looks like a whole new product line for the brand. They also list a Series Effects Loop in the features list.

The Price!

With a list price of $329.99 it would make it the cheapest amp in the Friedman lineup and if it has that Friedman tone, then it could make a huge impact on the boutique amp market at this low price point.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Would you buy a 30-Watt Friedman lightweight solid-state travel amp?

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2 responses to “Leak: Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt Guitar Head solid-state travel amp”

  1. William Paxson says:

    Be interesting to see where it’s made-the posting on the dealer site that might have shown the back panel seems to be scrubbed.

    • Jef says:

      That’s a good point and hopefully, Mr Friedman will add it to their official site soon, so we can see all the details.

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