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Friedman JJ Jr 20-watt head

Friedman JJ Jr 20-watt head - shot credited to nicolasrivera at TGP  ·  Source: nicolasrivera/TGP

Friedman has a new 20-watt Jerry Cantrell signature model mini amp head and it is called the JJ Jr. All the tone without the huge output of its older 100-watt sibling.

Friedman JJ Jr

NAMM is always a fun time for lovers of Dave Friedman amps and this year he has a new Jerry Cantrell Signature version 20-watt mini-head called the  JJ Jr and it looks and sounds fab!

It isn’t yet listed on the Friedman webpage for amp heads, but luckily a few YouTube videos by Matt’s Music Center and rockinchippy have been posted up about an hour ago with a nice, demo of it being played.

Dave Friedman- “Simple clean, dirty channel with JBE switch.. load, mic no more circuit for direct. 20 watts.. voiced to sound exactly like the big guy..”

Had to borrow the pic from the TGP thread as it hasn’t officially hit yet and so credit to nicolasrivera for posting these pics online.

Friedman JJ Jr 20-watt head - shot credited to nicolasrivera at TGP

Friedman JJ Jr 20-watt head and matching cabs- shot credited to nicolasrivera at TGP

A 2019 Best Seller?

Certainly, one to look out for in 2019 and could be a best seller I would imagine. Many players would love the larger original version, but it is so loud and impractical for them. This new Jr version solves that problem!


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