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John Mayer PRS Stratocaster Headstock Signature rumour guitar

A John Mayer PRS Stratocaster?  ·  Source: John Mayer / YouTube


UPDATE: John Mayer posted a photo of the new guitar – find out more here!


PRS and John Mayer have been in bed with each other for well over a year now and it looks like they have made an abomination!

PRS Strat?

There is nothing ‘official’ yet, however we have seen video footage of Mr Mayer toting a ‘Stratocaster’ with a PRS headstock live the last few days. Could this be a new John Mayer Signature model? The video footage below is from a gig in Boston and you can clearly see a Strat-style guitar, but with bird inlays and a ‘reverse’ PRS headstock, à la Jimi Hendrix…

John Mayer PRS Stratocaster Headstock Signature rumour guitar

A PRS John Mayer Signature Stratocaster? · Source: Imgur / thenotoriousbwg/ PRS


After last year’s rumours we ended up with a very limited run guitar, but could this be a new mass production version for John? John also had a signature PRS amp model released as well, the J-MOD 100 Signature model, so the two parties obviously get along these days.

John Mayer PRS Stratocaster Headstock Signature rumour guitar

John live with his new ‘Strat’ · Source: Imgur /thenotoriousbwg / PRS

Mr Paul Reed Smith knows a thing or two about making guitars, so maybe this is something we will actually see come to fruition in 2017. There is nothing official yet on the PRS site, but we’ll keep checking and keep you all informed,


Check out the YouTube video below and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

PRS Guitars site


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John Mayer PRS Stratocaster Headstock Signature rumour guitar

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3 responses to “Sighted: A new PRS John Mayer Stratocaster!”

    Brent Arrowitz says:

    I like it. I dont like the reverse headstock though,otherwise I’d give it a try,I like strat variants when theyre done well.

    Jerronimo says:

    I have a reverse headstock on my Gibson’s too.

    Guitar, Man says:

    Pretty color. Not crazy about the PRS headstock on a Strat, but it will pass. The tone is a little thin. His Fenders sound better. There’s something too polite about the sound of PRS guitars, like all the interesting and rough edges have been eliminated. Fenders and Gibsons just sound more organic.

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